Choose your cat

We often have the opportunity to read articles that help us choose your cat dog or puppy, but we seldom read any about cats. In this article, we will try to help you make an informed choice before purchasing your future companion.

First of all, the decision to acquire an animal, whatever it is, requires reflection and questioning.

An animal is for life, it is not an object. Overpopulation of cats is a growing problem, shelters are overflowing, the rate of euthanasia is staggering. It is therefore very important to review the matter with family members, if applicable, before undertaking the research.

Agreement For Choose your cat

Now, if the whole family is in agreement and ready to deal with the future wonder, what must be considered in order to make a wise choice? Will it be a purebred or domestic cat? Long or short haired? A kitten or an adult cat? A male or a female? What are the costs attributable to the purchase of a cat? What is the annual budget for veterinary care, grooming, etc.?

It is imperative to take all of these factors into consideration if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Domestic cats are very easy to find. Shelters have a lot of them and you only have to look at the classifieds to see that the choice is vast.

It is best to avoid pet stores so as not to encourage abuse in the area. Most pet stores have questionable sources of supply, and many farm animals experience mistreatment and abuse.

About Domestic cats

Domestic cats are generally healthy, but will require the same care as purebred cats. Long bristles require regular brushing, otherwise the hair will get tangled and complicate maintenance. For several years, the clipping of cats in grooming salons has increased a lot, since people have difficulty maintaining their animals. This therefore leads to additional costs to be expected. If you think you are running out of time or energy to care for your cat, choose a short-haired one.

If you opt for a purebred cat, the questions will be the same, except that you will have to make sure you know the typical temperament of the cat breed so that it suits your lifestyle. In addition, some breeds victims of their popularity may have health problems, including the Abyssinian, Egyptian Mau or Bengal. They are magnificent, but be aware that they are very active breeds and may not be suitable for everyone Choose your cat. If you like tranquility, you better consider another choice. Persians and related breeds are calmer, but require a lot more maintenance due to their fur. Often their eyes flow Choose your cat. They must therefore be cleaned daily with a mild solution.

Maine Coons and Siberians are cats that can reach a respectable size, so the food budget will be higher. Purebred cats can unfortunately be carriers of both hereditary and congenital diseases, which can lead to health problems typical of their breed. Therefore, at all times, a purebred cat should come from a breeder with a good ethical sense. 

Good Breeder

A good breeder knows his subjects and makes calculated and judicious crosses, avoiding to reproduce subjects that risk transmitting defects to their offspring. He will do the necessary tests, if necessary, to prevent the transmission of genes that will cause future health problems. they will also be able to properly supervise future owners during their purchase. He will know how to advise the owners and advise them the kitten best suited to their needs, and he will give good guarantees on the health of the animal. In addition, it sometimes happens that breeders have sterilized adults to place.

Now, the choice of sex should made taking into account that the male will be bigger. And must be sterilized, otherwise, he will start marking his territory in the house. Urinary problems are more common and more serious in males. On the other hand, several people report that males are more cuddly. The females smaller, and they must also sterilized because the very frequent heat is difficult to live, the cats being very “vocal” during this period. It is also important to keep in mind that feline overpopulation must be countered.

As for the purchase price, a purebred cat varies between $ 150 and $ 1000, sometimes more. You have to take into account the vet’s fees, a few hundred dollars for booster shots, sterilization, etc. For domestic cats, shelters often charge a price including vaccine and mandatory sterilization between $ 125 and $ 175.

Cat food

Cat food is not very expensive: plus or minus $ 15 per month, depending on the cat. However, be aware that it is important to give cats adequate food, especially males because they are sensitive to urinary problems and will be much less at risk if the owners feed them with appropriate, balanced, studied, and able food. urinary problems.

Some other factors can take into consideration. Allergies to cats are very common, so it may be advisable, before acquiring the first cat, to ensure that no member of the family has allergies or other health problems. It is painful to have to separate from your animal in such circumstances. Cats are generally accepted in apartments, but it is always advisable to check with the owner before purchasing them.

So there you have it, we hope that life with your little treasure will be very beautiful, full of happiness, enriching, and, above all, very long!

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