7 Common Misconceptions About Counselling

Globally, more than 300 million people – which makes up about 4.4% of the world’s population face some sort of mental health complications. People living through this agony are forced to counter hundreds of other hurdles, if not less. To top this off, seeking professional assistance regarding mental issues is constantly stigmatized, hushed-down, or mythically circulated. Reviewing this article will help you understand how important it is to seek help from psychologists in Edmonton or wherever you live. 

Common Misconceptions

Counselling in Calgary and other areas is based on a cognitive approach that involves a practitioner keenly listening to the patient’s struggles and later helping them exercise regulatory practices and emotions. It is the core practice in assisting the sufferer in negating negative thought patterns and building positive and uplifting scenarios. However, due to the societal construction of mental health as an ‘unholy’ and ‘disregarding’ concept, it is painless and simple to perpetuate false claims against counselling. Some listed and pervasive myths make their way about counselling in Edmonton and almost every part of the world.

  • Practitioner-patient relationship

Many people feel hesitant and repulsive towards the counsellor, just because it involves opening up to them. Due to this very reason, a frequent false claim about Edmonton psychologists is “they don’t know you, don’t share too much.” Physiologists experience this reaction in every country of the world. It creates a barrier and isn’t healthy for the patient-counsellor relationship. It can stall a patient’s personal growth and development. In response to this, the sufferer feels inclined towards seeking everyone else’s opinion in their already falling apart life. 

  • It is for people who are ‘insane.’

Depicting nothing but the truth shows how society deems people seeking counselling as insane or crazy. This is far from reality, as counselling isn’t only for people undergoing depression, anxiety issues, or other mental problems. It is an easy resort for positively regulating your coiled-up thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, counselling comes in marriage and couple counseling, guidance and care counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and more. Apart from helping you through major trauma and life issues, it can help you perform well in everyday life practices.

  • Counselling will make everything worse

Usually, people have this idea in mind that counselling takes everything on a more destructive path. Subjectivity and varying perceptions of consuming information lead to complications. Arguably, counsellors as professionals are trained to understand and analyze every patient’s situation differently and help them with their situations. Moreover, it increases the chances of exploring new perspectives.

  • It takes a long time with no evident results

The most frequent myth is about the time duration and results of counselling in Calgary and other areas. In reality, it totally depends on how responsive a patient is and how likely is he willing to contribute. Keeping in mind that everyone’s experiences are different, there is no perfect timing in a given scenario. It totally depends upon the will and dedication to practice what is being told. It also depends upon the severity of the condition and how chronic it is.

  • Counsellors are ‘friends’ providing advice

Counsellors cannot develop personal relationships with their patients. It is regarded as extremely illegal and unethical in terms of practices, and the license can be revoked. Edmonton psychologists are professionally trained to help people form coherent thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Respectively, the practitioner is taught to remain non-judgmental and away from creating relationships in general.

  • They are more likely to blame-shift

Sometimes, the patient is fed with the fear of getting blamed or someone related to them facing criticism. For the success of the counselling process, it is necessary to go over your past. This doesn’t indicate that the counsellor is violating your rights and judging you or someone else for the root cause. Instead, the counselling is aimed towards creating a healthy outlook and form a functioning relationship.

Counsellors are crazy themselves

It is one of the most widespread jokes people crack about psychologists in Edmonton. You may have heard someone sharing the same thoughts about psychologists. If you look at it closely, these practitioners have had experiences that shaped them into who they are today. This solely points towards their ability to be more compassionate, understanding, and empathetic. Conversely, this enables them to deeply relate to their patients and help them through their struggles.


By seeking help from psychologists in Edmonton or any other city, you can explore the chance to reform and reshape your previously concrete negative speculations. Counseling in Calgary and other cities follow various patient-practitioner relationship models, such as group and developmental counseling, client-centered, directive counseling, and more. Talking to your counselor helps you overcome myths about counseling and educates you on the true essence of the magnificent process.