Comparison of Apple Wallet and Google Pay

How Apple Wallet and Google Pay Affect Business

According to the results of the 2016 Mastercard survey in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, more than 90% of users pay with a smartphone. According to the head of Mastercard in united states , 58% of those surveyed prefer their phones to other devices.

The first thousand users connected to Apple Wallet in just half an hour, according to representatives of Alfa-Bank. According to a representative of Tinkoff Bank, in the first two weeks almost 53,000 cards were activated and transactions were carried out through Apple Wallet in the amount of more than 145 million rubles. In the first two weeks, Sberbank connected 125,000 users who conducted transactions worth 120 million rubles.

If at first many people use Apple Wallet and Google Pay for small transactions to test the service, then gradually the number of transactions and the frequency of use grows. From the observations, we can conclude that when businesses and operators provide customers with the ability to pay through mobile payment applications, not only the number of mobile transactions increases, but also the amount of payments. When a client pays with a card, he feels less that he is spending real money, so it is easier to part with the money. When paying by phone, subconsciously, the feeling of spending money is completely lost. Therefore, the spending is higher, the higher the income. 

The convenience of the contactless payment service increases the number of transactions performed by the client and allows companies to increase profits. Paying via mobile devices reduces queues at the checkout, which is an advantage for retail chains. The less time passes from the moment the user wanted to buy something to the moment the purchase is completed, the higher the probability of its success.

Banks that will not develop contactless payments may lose in the future as they begin to lose customers. According to representatives of Sberbank and VTB 24,Apple Wallet and Google Pay will help to get closer to giving up cash. In the long term, for banks – savings on the issue of plastic, and the possibility of, in fact, instant delivery of the card to customers.

Facilitating the payment process will not only help increase support for Apple Wallet and Google Pay, but also increase the popularity of auto payments.

Comparison of Apple Wallet and Google Pay cards

Apple Wallet and Google Pay are convenient and fast ways for users to shop in stores or online. Both systems work on a similar principle: you need to bind a bank card to the corresponding application by scanning it with a camera or entering data manually. Payment is made by bringing the phone to the payment terminal.

The payment systems Apple Wallet and Google Pay have a common goal – to provide the user with contactless payment using a gadget, but they work in different ways.

When it comes to providing digital content, there are some differences between Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Let’s take a look at all the functions:

Appearance of cards

1. Design
  • Apple Wallet: the front side of the card displays the company logo, a central image, and information encouraging the customer to make purchases (discount percentage, balance, special offers). Links, numbers, email are placed on the back of the map. The color of the map can be fully customized.
  • Google Pay: Cards are not double-sided, but content placed on them can be viewed by swiping. Thus, a single-sided card does not have to fit the smartphone screen. The central image can be animated.
2. Links

The maps of both systems can display useful and personalized links, URLs, maps, and phone numbers. Links are displayed differently on iOS and Android.

3. Barcodes

Apple Wallet and Google Pay support 1D and 2D barcodes.

Card functionality

1. Push notifications
  • Apple Wallet: Notifications are sent within seconds. 
  • Google Pay: No notifications are sent.
3. Barcodes

Apple Wallet and Google Pay support 1D and 2D barcodes.

Card functionality

1. Push notifications
  • Apple Wallet: Notifications are sent within seconds. 
  • Google Pay: No notifications are sent.

Apple Wallet is a pre-installed app on Apple devices that cannot be uninstalled. This means that all iPhones starting with the iPhone 3GS have Apple Wallet. 

  • Google Pay: Available only in a few countries, but unlike Apple Wallet, Google Pay is available not only on smartphones of a certain brand. It can be used by owners of all smartphones running on the Android operating system, which accounts for 85% of the total smartphone market. At the same time, Google Pay is not a pre-installed application on all smartphones running on Android, so for some devices it is available only after downloading. Also, added cards to Google Pay become available in your Google account and can be used in browsers.
10. Application

You can make purchases using Apple Wallet and Google Pay at locations with contactless payment terminals. According to representatives of “Visa”, according to statistics, NFC supports every tenth terminal in united States.

11. Commission
  • Apple Wallet: takes a small commission from the bank, which can go up to 0.12% of the purchase amount for each transaction. Also, the bank must pay 45 rubles per year for each card connected to the service. Sberbank representatives say that Apple’s commission does not affect the economic component of the bank’s products.
  • Google Pay: Free transactions.
12. Google Pay on iOS

Google has announced the launch of the Google Pay service on desktops and mobile devices on the iOS platform. The company said that in browsers Chrome, Safari and Firefox it will be possible to pay online using Google Pay. And also make payments with smartphones on the iOS platform on terminals with contactless payment.


According to Apple’s website, united states has overtaken European countries in terms of the number of banks and payment systems connected to Apple Pay. And according to representatives of Mastercard and the Bank of united states, it ranks first in the world in the number of non-cash payments using Apple Pay.

According to the analytical company Loup Ventures, in 2017 the number of users of the Apple Walletpayment service has doubled. In 2016, the number of users of the service was 62 million, and in 2017 it increased to 127 million. At the same time, Loup Ventures notes that only 16% of all iPhone owners use Apple Pay.

Apple officials did not disclose the exact number of users of the service, but Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey said tens of millions of users worldwide.

As for Google, the service has billions of users and hundreds of millions of maps involved. As of early 2018, the service is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and New Zealand.

According to the Central Bank, in 2016-2017, the number of payments via smartphones supporting NFC has increased in united states. The prevalence of Apple Wallet and Google Pay has caused a decline in the popularity of ATM cash withdrawals.