Consider these pointers before engaging a divorce lawyer in Birmingham

Alabama allows for fault-based and no-fault divorces. When you and your spouse manage to sort issues without getting the court involved, you could file for an uncontested divorce in Birmingham, which doesn’t take much time. After the mandatory 30-day waiting period, you can expect to get the judgment, provided the court finds your marital separation agreement acceptable. Regardless of the situation, finding a divorce lawyer near me is critical, and before you hire someone, here are some pointers to consider.

Experience & expertise in the field

How long has the lawyer been practicing family law in Birmingham? Do they have an office in the city? How many divorce cases have they handled so far? Do they also deal with lawsuits and disputes related to child custody and alimony? If you are new to sorting lawyers in Birmingham, always start with their background and profile. An experienced attorney may charge more, but if your divorce is likely to get complicated, you may still want their services.

Costing details

The cost of your divorce and what you pay to an attorney depends on several factors. If this is an uncontested divorce, where the lawyer doesn’t have to do much beyond educating you and reviewing/drafting the paperwork, you can expect them to ask for a flat, one-time fee. However, for contested divorces in Birmingham, a standard hourly rate is applicable, along with a retainer price. Get an estimate before you get the lawyer on board.

Availability for your case

Many family lawyers in Birmingham have their plates full, and it is common for many to assign cases to other associates and juniors. If you met and liked a lawyer, always ask whether they are personally available for your needs. You should have access to their office, must be able to contact them as required, and should get answers to your questions.

Reputation matters

When you compare law firms, always check online ratings and reviews. You can get references from the team, but it is still a good idea to see what other clients have to say about an attorney. You can find independent information on Google and other legal sites.

Comfort is also a crucial aspect of choosing a divorce lawyer. Talking about your personal stuff could be triggering, and you need someone who has legal knowledge but is compassionate and empathetic. The first meeting with an attorney lets you judge that aspect during the conversation.