Contending With A Head Cold: Finding Relief

Give Your Body the Tools it Needs

People in 2022 are, perhaps, more health-conscious as a generation than any in recent memory. The crisis of 2020 that has spilled into this year has especially honed the focus of modern individuals. Everyone wants to be as healthy as possible.

There are different opinions on this, here we’ll cover a few. Keep in mind, it’s always preferable to defer to your doctor on issues of medicine.

Your personal health may have features that differ from another’s—for example, if you’re diabetic, you need to carefully monitor remedies that may include sugar which could throw blood sugar out of whack. That said, most individuals will find the following tips help them recover faster.

1. Nutrition, Vitamins, Rest

Any head cold results in substantial fluid loss owing to sinus drainage. As the body’s white blood cells (macrophages) fight off infection, the body eliminates associated refuse from the microscopic battle through fluids. You’ll have to blow your nose a lot, and you’ll have to visit the restroom a lot.

You need to replace that lost water. Drink slightly more than half your weight in ounces daily. So if you weigh 180 pounds, drink over 90 ounces of water a day, or about six water bottles; one every four hours.

Rest as much as you can, and give your body proper nutrition. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and varying B vitamins can all be quite helpful; talk to your doctor to get the details right.

2. Take No Chances: See a Health Practitioner Immediately

Especially with the recent viral unpleasantness that predicted so many closures and incidences of widespread isolation, many people take the “nuclear” approach to a head cold. The moment they notice anything is amiss, they immediately go to their local doctor and see what his advice is. Generally, such doctors will advise rest, fluids, and nutrition.

However, sometimes you’re in enough pain that more drastic measures become needed. A “balloon sinuplasty” uses a process called balloon sinus dilation, a technique designed to help relieve the substantially uncomfortable pressure which tends to accompany a sinus infection. If you’ve got these kinds of issues, ask your doctor about this procedure.

3. Steam, Potatoes, Hot Baths, Hot Washcloths

The Russians throw potatoes in a pot, boil them, then put a towel over their head and breathe in the hotter-than-normal steam. You could also spend a half hour in a sauna, or take a hot bath. A hot washcloth to the forehead can help you rest. Like balloon sinuplasty, these measures don’t necessarily cure you, but they do alleviate discomfort.

Getting Back to Normal

Give your body proper nutrition, hydration, and rest. If it suits you, take the “nuclear option” and have your doctor throw everything at the cold the moment you realize you have it. Finally, use measures like steam baths or hot washcloths to meter the discomfort so you can rest easier, and recover more quickly.

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