December Global Holidays

December global holidays are accompanied by extreme happiness and a festive mood. Holidays are always a sigh of relief for all, and people often look up to having them often and catch up with their friends and families to spend quality good time.

December, the ending month of the entire year, is undoubtedly the most joyous time. All over the world, many countries and religions have several significant events happening in this month. Moreover, this month is vastly acknowledged with immense

  • festivals
  • activities
  • religious, corporate, and even cultural celebrations

Thus, December itself is among those few months that possess their own diverse celebrating eves. And during this entire month, people love to hang out with friends and attend family gatherings to wholeheartedly welcome the new upcoming year.

December Global Holidays List

1st December – National Day (United Arab Emirates), World AIDs Day (All around the world)

The USE National Day usually refers to the nationalization of the British Protectorate Treaties. This holiday got declared in 1968. Somehow, it also falls on the federal unification anniversary of the seven emirates, which later combined to form UAE.

The celebration of World AIDs Day is one of the most accredited December global holidays that started in August 1987 and continues. The purpose of it is to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS.

4th December – Farmer’s Day (Ghana)

The very famous National farmer’s day is acknowledged as a statutory public holiday in Ghana. This holiday reflects the importance of farmers and agriculture there. Moreover, this day encourages the public across the entire country to honor the efforts of fishermen and farmers in feeding the whole nation.

6th December – Independence Day (Finland), Constitution Day (Spain)

This day is officially celebrated as Independence Day in Finland. This day’s festivities generally originated with the raising of the Finnish flag in Helsinki.

 Also, this holiday marks the anniversary of a famous referendum in Spain. On this day, a constitution got approved regarding the transition of making Spain a constitutional democracy and monarchy.  

7th December – King Bhumibol’s Birthday (Thailand)

It is another famous holiday among December global holidays. On this day, Thailand’s King named King Bhumibol’s birthday is celebrated by decorating homes, buildings, public places with candles and other lights.

10th December – Constitution Day (Thailand)  

That is a day to commemorate the adoption of Thailand kingdom first permanent constitution monarchy held in 1932.

12th December – The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico)

That is one of the other national December global holidays is always celebrated on the 12th of December. This holiday is in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is a Catholic Saint. That is why it is a significant day for faithful Mexican citizens.

13th December – Republic Day (Malta), Santa Lucia (Scandinavia in Italy)

The holiday on 13th December signifies a public holiday celebrated in Malta to transform the country into a national Republic state.

Moreover, this holiday is also the day of the famous Saint Lucia, who is a Sicilian Martyr from Syracuse. On this day, people all over Italy celebrate a feast day on the commemoration of Santa Lucia.

16th December – Victory Day (Bangladesh), Day of Reconciliation (South Africa)

That is also one of the most popular December global holidays. On this day, two events are celebrated.

Bangladesh celebrates victory day, commemorating the ultimate win in the 1971 Liberation War. Pakistani army surrendered in Dhaka on this, marking the end of nine-month atrocities there.

While it is also a Day of Reconciliation for South Africa. It has been remarkably created to mark the finishing of Apartheid. The primary purpose of this day was to force reconciliation and unity across the entire country.

18th December – National Day (Qatar)

Another annual holiday celebrated as a national holiday in the commemoration of Qatar’s unification was held in 1878.

24th December – Christmas Eye, Independence Day (Libya)

This holiday is celebrated to keep believing that the baby Jesus came to this world on its night. Moreover, as it is the day before Christmas, people plan to exchange gifts for the upcoming day.  

Additionally, it made the anniversary of Libya’s independence from France and Britain in 1951.

25th December – Christmas Day, Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam

The two best December global holidays take place on this day.

Christians celebrate this holiday commemorating the birth of their Jesus Christ. This day is celebrated annually on this day in the Georgian calendar.

Also, on this day, Quaid-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan) was born. So Pakistani celebrate their leader’s birthday as an official holiday.

26th December – Boxing Day (Various Countries), Independence and Unity Day (Slovenia)

Boxing day was traditionally referred to as a time when the rich people used to gift up boxes and give them to poor individuals. Currently, it is celebrated as a day when Christmas gift boxes are received.

Furthermore, it is also a Slovenian national holiday to commemorate the Slovenian independence’s official proclamation.

29th December – Unduvap Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka)

This famous public December holiday takes place on the Unduvap’s full moon day. Unduvap is the ninth month is the Sinhalese calendar, so it usually falls in December.

30th December – Rizal Day (Philippines)

Philippines celebrates this one of the most known December global holidays as Rizal Day in honor and tribute to their national hero named Dr. Jose R. Rizal.

31st December – New Year’s Eve (Different countries all around the world)

As 31st December is the last day of the year, welcoming a new year ahead. So, on this day, people from all over the world have a mixture of happy and sad feelings. Moreover, it also allows reflecting on the past and having high future hopes.

Religious December Global Holidays

December is one of the most important of all months for many religions. Google Doodle marks several significant events, festivities, and cultural celebrations as people celebrate this month. People from all around the globe are excited to celebrate such events uniquely each year. Also, several other customs make people ready to welcome the New Year with full bloom and fun.

Given below are some of the most famous religious December global holidays. Let’s see them in detail one by one:

Hannukah (November 28 – December 6)

Hannukah is very well recognized as the Festival of Lights or Chanukah. According to the Hebrew calendar, it is a popular eight-day Jewish festivity That begins on the 25th of the month of Kislev. Two significant parts of this celebration include:

  1. The chanting of unusual songs like Maóz Tzur
  2. The performance of Hallel Prayer

Yule (21st December-1st January)

It is often acknowledged worldwide as yuletide. It is a famous Germanic festivity celebrated all over the world to honor the Norse God Odin. A great thing about this festival is that it has Pegan roots having links to Norse God Odin as well as the Anglo-Saxon Feast of Modraniht. Moreover, technically it falls in the Winter solstice, making it one of the earliest and most popular winter celebrations globally.

Festivus (23rd December)

Festivus is one of the most popular December global holidays that attained worldwide attention in 1997 because of a Seinfeld episode named “The Strike.” The primary purpose of this holiday is to promote awareness regarding Christmas Materialism. This is marked and celebrated by standing around a plan aluminum pole. Moreover, two popular Festivus customs include:

  1. Feats of Strength
  2. Airing of Grievances

Christmas (25th December)

Unarguable, among December global holidays, Christmas is the most well-known. This day marks and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, about whom the Christian community believed to be the last Prophet of God sent to them to save humanity from sins and take them on the righteous path. There are several ways to celebrate Christmas like:

  1. Leaving gifts for Father Christmas or Santa Claus
  2. Attending Church services
  3. Opting to go on an all-out vacation and many more  

Kwanzaa (26 December-1 January)

It is another famous December holiday with its roots in African history and is primarily celebrated in the United States. This day was first created as a celebration by Dr. Maulana Karenga following the Watts riots in Los Angeles, California, in 1966. Currently, this holiday is celebrated with

  1. traditional African songs and dances
  2. storytelling
  3. poetry reading
  4. discussing African culture principal values
  5. culminating a large traditional meal
  6. enjoying a Mega fast named Karamu on 31st December and many more.

The Bottom Line

As you see, there are a wide variety of December global holidays from people worldwide to wind up their year in a positive note and style. Also, their joy is a great way to welcome the upcoming new year.

However, remember that December is merely a blessed month to get yourself to do many positive things that one can ever think of and treat yourself with finer enjoyable things of life.

Moreover, it is an ideal month to appreciate your loved and close ones who have truly made your entire year worth living and stayed by your side through all thick and thins. You can either acknowledge their efforts and thank them by throwing a friendly party, providing them gifts as well as showering them with wholehearted blessings and prayers.

Therefore, it can be said that December is a prudent time of the year to prepare yourself adequately for the December global holidays. However, always try to have some side savings. That money will be enough to enjoy these holidays to the fullest and get the best out of them.