Dengue Awareness Drive Faces Challenges in Rawalpindi

Dengue is a severe sickness caused by mosquitoes in Rawalpindi, making many people worried. The DHA and District Health Authority are trying to stop this disease but need our help. In this article, we’ll discuss what’s happening with the dengue awareness campaign in Rawalpindi and why it isn’t complicated.

Dengue Mosquito Babies Found

According to international news, Recently, people found baby dengue mosquitoes in 578 houses and 73 outdoor places in just one day. This is bad because these baby mosquitoes can grow up and make more people sick.

Fines as a Measure

In response to the recurring presence of dengue larvae in these areas, authorities took stringent actions. Fines totalling Rs36,000 were imposed within a single day on individuals and households that were found to be neglecting measures to prevent dengue breeding. This move aimed to serve as a deterrent and encourage responsible actions among the residents.

Criticism from Other Organizations

Breaking News: Even though the DHA is trying hard to stop dengue, some other groups fighting dengue are unhappy with what the DHA is doing. They say the DHA’s actions are just for show and not working well enough. This means we need to work together better and make a plan that covers everything to fight dengue properly.

Rising Dengue Cases

The number of confirmed dengue cases this season has climbed to 948. In the past 24 hours alone, 45 new confirmed dengue cases were reported, further escalating the situation. The total number of hospital patients receiving treatment is 89, with nine individuals in critical condition. However, there is a silver lining, as 859 patients have been successfully treated.

Strict Actions Taken

To address the persistent problem of dengue larvae, authorities have taken stern actions. So far, 48 First Information Reports (FIRs) have been registered against those who neglected preventive measures despite prior warnings. Additionally, a building was sealed off to prevent further breeding of the disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Identification of Dengue Hotspots

  • We must find and fix places where dengue mosquitoes can grow to stop dengue from spreading.
  • The authorities found many of these places, a whopping 10,290, in the area.
  • Out of these, they checked and made 1,008 places safe so that dengue mosquitoes can’t grow there anymore.
  • But they still have 282 places they haven’t checked, and that’s a problem.
  • We must be cautious and check all these places to ensure we’re doing everything possible to fight dengue.


Dengue is a severe problem in Rawalpindi, and we all must help stop it. Finding baby dengue mosquitoes in so many places, giving fines to people who don’t help, and some groups not being happy are all significant challenges. But we can work hard together to stop dengue. We must be aware, follow a hygienic lifestyle and cooperate with the people in charge. This way, we can keep ourselves, our family, children and friends safe from dengue.