Detailed steps on the proper use of a bubbler for the first timers

Bubbler is one of the great options chosen by many to enjoy during parties or over me time sessions to release all the stress and achieve a level of peace. Once you get into the practice, it becomes a memory-learned routine, and mistakes are almost eliminated. There are many questions on how to use a bubbler, but the steps to follow are simple.

There are various types of bubblers in glass, and smokers choose this for the smooth smoking experience. It is much like a bong but offers better results with less hard pull through the mouthpiece. Along with this, there are other reasons, too, like a smooth hitting trip, better taste, and simplicity of use for motivation to understand how to use a bubbler

There is nothing complicated in getting the piece ready for the party but understanding the steps will take you near the expertise and ease.

Steps to get the bubbler ready:

Breaking of marijuana:

It is better to get this task done by getting your stash ready to fill so that later when everything and everyone is ready, there won’t be any delay. The one using the bubbler knows how to break down the marijuana for better results, but a grinder can also help if the fact is missed.

Add the water:

The next step in how to use a bubbler is filling the chamber with water to an optimum level of the glass piece as suggested by experts of the actor; getting it half filled works better and prevents the liquid from entering into the mouthpiece later. Anyway, bubblers need lesser water than the bong. 

Packing the bowl:

In the case of bubblers, there is no separate bowl or removable one to fill the stash, but the chamber of water is packed with the proper fill of the broken-down marijuana. It is recommended not to fill the space too tightly as it will block the airflow and make it challenging to pull; instead, it is suggested to keep the loved stashed flower in the closing of the chamber lightly enough to cover it but not become a hurdle for air.

Light the stash:

Once the marijuana is correctly filled and the chamber is covered, light up the stash smoothly while the carb is covered with another hand to stop the external airflow and get a better result. When at lighting, covering the carb prevents the outer air impact; it helps get a better hit and smooth pull every time. 

Enjoy the trip:

Once the stash is light, inhale from the mouthpiece to get the smoke to enter the water chamber and create bubbles. While inhaling the smoke, remove the covering over the carb and pull smoothly. Remember, it does not require as hard a pull as the bong. 

When done, the next step is to clean the bubbler thoroughly. Learning this is as necessary as learning to use the bubbler. A solution of salt and alcohol is used by many, but vinegar and hot water can also be used in proper proportions. Steps of the same are below:

  1. Start with flushing out the bubbler completely.
  2. Take the preferred cleaning solution into a zip bag
  3. Immerse the bubbler into it entirely and keep it upright.
  4. Keep shaking the bag 4-5 times after around an hour to keep the dirt moving. 
  5. Remove the bubbler with the last hard shake and rinse it thoroughly with water.

Wrapping Paragraph:

Before using the bubbler, there are some differences related to lighting and pulling, but the common fact is cleaning and maintaining precious glass pieces. Therefore understanding the steps to use and clean is essential.