Diagnose, improve and manage the customer experience


Identify opportunities to improve all of the organization’s business processes that interact with the client in order to stand out from the competition.

Inspired by advanced customer service techniques and “Customer Centric” approaches, this training offers the processes, techniques and exercises necessary to analyze, develop and coach the customer experience training in your organization.


At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

  • Build a customer experience culture;
  • Map the customer experience in their organization;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement at each point of contact and the value of the customer experience;
  • Equip its teams to offer an exceptional customer experience;
  • Support and improve performance;
  • Use techniques to support change.


Several learning methods and didactic tools allowing to measure the progress and the integration of the concepts by the participants are used throughout the training.

  • Exposed
  • Teamwork
  • Discussion group
  • Case study
  • Simulation


Customer Experience Director and Manager, Customer Contact Center Director and Manager, Customer Experience Leaders


Our online training courses are delivered in the form of interactive virtual classes. We work with the Zoom platform. Each participant must have a computer with good internet access as well as a camera, microphone and speakers in order to participate in the training. The camera must be functional and be open throughout the training in order to facilitate exchanges with the trainer and the practical part of the training.

How to improve the customer experience?

The management of the customer experience is divided into 3 parts:

  1. The fundamentals, because now there is a minimum service, that is to say that there are now standards to meet customer requests. 
  2. Then there is the measurement of the hot customer experience, and the optimization of the customer journey.
  3. In addition, the strategic vision of the customer relationship, also called horizontal or cold vision which aims to measure customer satisfaction

Finally, it is the dissemination of a customer culture in the company, because it is this that will improve the customer experience in the long term. The last point will concern the ROI of actions to optimize the customer experience

Training Optimizing the customer experience through digital

Mobile applications, blogs, social networks … The customer has more and more tools to know and get in touch with brands. He is more and more informed, informed and demanding. These modifications induced by the advent of digital tools are transforming marketing and leading to new marketing reflexes such as customer experience, the notion of commitment or even customer centric management. This customer experience training in a digital context makes it possible to understand the impacts of this transformation in order to identify the key success factors of a customer-oriented marketing strategy as well as its management tools.

Improve the customer experience and strengthen engagement

  • Marketing and sales manager
  • Communication manager
  • The advantages of this training Optimizing the customer experience thanks to digital
  • Operational training that allows you to understand the impacts of digital on the customer experience.
  • Workshop and interactive game to understand the customer journey.
  • The quality of a training program 

Customer experience and customer service: how to satisfy and retain loyalty despite distancing

This training deals with customer service management (SAC) and customer experience, from strategy to implementation by considering new technologies and social media. It is based on an approach aimed at satisfying your customers and ensuring their loyalty, even in times of distancing.


Gain a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the overall management of the SAC and the customer experience. Become familiar with best practices in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Understand how new technologies and social media fit into customer service and help in times of distancing. Go from theory to action by identifying concrete actions to put into practice in your company, in the short and medium term.

Distinctive advantages

Content that reflects the daily reality of those who work in customer service. Customer service training stimulating reflection and analysis of the customer experience from a more efficient angle.