Different helpful Features of Google accounts

Google is the best search engine that can provide you any kind of information that you need. All features of Google are useful for IOS as well as Android devices. So there is no concern of using Google accounts for your business as well personal life. However, here are the features of Google accounts those you can use for your business boost as well as personally publicity.

Keep yourself easy in your hard work

If you are doing lot of work, then you should remain busy in it and lot of your time will be spent in it. But now you can remain easy while you have bundle of work. Open your Google account and then settings. So here you can add your work and Google will tell you that how much time will need for this purpose. So when you will use this feature, then you can reach at any place that is confirmed. While you can share your word details with others, so they can check about your location as well as they know that when you will come to party place.

Get information about sport and stock

If you love sport then you should help from Google accounts. Because you can add you’re favorites in your setting and can learn more and more about your favorite team as well as player. If you are a businessman and stock a product for future, then Google can help you. Because you can check from time to time about your stock value and demand in the market. So there will be lots of tricks those you can use for your business.

Travelling facilities

If you want to shift from one place to another, then you can use Google now app. And you can know unlimited information about your new living place and make decision that it will be best for you or not. If you want to travel through air, then you can get help and information about your flying time to residential place. It can provide you the information about different restaurants, sports grounds and lots of other. So when you will get this app, then you will be easy for shifting from old place to new one.

Get know more about your walking and riding

No one knows that how much they walk in a month or ride on bike or car but Google knows. If you are using Android mobile, then you can turn on location reporting as well as all history and can know about your walking distance and travelling. However, when you will turn it on, then Google will get access to logging everywhere you went. So before turn it on, you should think about it. It should keep in mind that you can get this feature only on Android app while if you are using any other app, then this feature is not available for you.

Online shopping and information

As we discussed above about Google now, but here we will tell you that Google now can provide you your nearest shopping malls. So if you want to buy any product, then Google now will tell you that how much stores are here and which store has many product. So if you want to buy a special product, then Google now will tell you that which store has this product and you can buy from it.

All above features are very useful for Google accounts users. So when you will buy Google accounts, then you will be able to login to unlimited apps of Google and following these apps, you can get those entire thing which you want.

As the world changes, so do the way we do business. Every new business and a few old businesses are moving towards the online World. Email marketing is essential and necessary for any new business to grow. And older Gmail accounts are more helpful for this marketing.

It is a fact that old and traditional methods no longer work. Only using modern methods can be helpful to develop your business. The first thing to do for this purpose is to buy Google accounts.