Different Quality T-Shirts

First of all, a t-shirt is a piece of clothing, so you should pay attention to its fabric. Cotton, polyester, Interlock fabric, knit, and rayon is all popular types of materials, but they all have advantages and disadvantages. If you have questions or don’t see the t-shirts that you’re looking for you can visit online company shirts | Real Thread. Now, let’s discuss which material is best for you and how to choose between them. In addition, we will look at how they affect the quality of a T-shirt.


You can find cotton in all shapes and sizes, but polyester or rayon are also excellent choices if you’re looking for a more durable t-shirt. Cotton is the most common fabric used for t-shirts, but there are many other fabric types as well. The weight and yarn count of the fabric determine how durable it is. The higher the GSM, the better. Cotton is one of the most durable materials available.

Compared to synthetic materials, cotton has many benefits. Most cotton is made from organically grown cotton, not degrading the environment. Cotton is also inexpensive, though it creases easily and loses its shape over time. Cotton also tends to shrink and wrinkle easily, and it is more susceptible to damage when washed. For these reasons, cotton is not an ideal choice for t-shirts.


There are some advantages and disadvantages of polyester and cotton. Polyester absorbs moisture, dries quickly, and is less likely to wrinkle than cotton. However, this material has some shortcomings, which you should consider before purchasing a t-shirt. Unlike cotton, polyester is more durable and is less prone to shrinkage and fading. However, it’s not as breathable as cotton and tends to stick to wet skin. It’s also more expensive than cotton, so it’s often regarded as inferior. It’s also a little rougher than cotton, which isn’t always good for those with sensitive skin.

Interlock fabric

There are many benefits of interlock fabric. The material is a double-rib knit, which provides optimal softness and breathability. It is typically made of cotton, but there are some exceptions. It has a smooth, even cloth surface and apparent grain. The interlock fabric is more durable than jersey fabric, which shrinks after washing. It is an excellent choice for clothing made from cotton.

Another advantage to interlock fabric is its stretchability. It is slightly more durable than jersey knit and can be made with up to 5% spandex or lycra. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a cotton interlock T-shirt and one made of a spandex/lycra blend. While jersey knit and interlock are both made from cotton, they are not the same.

Knit fabric

There are many types of T-shirt fabrics. Most are made of cotton, polyester, or rayon and tend to have a high level of stability. The good thing about knit fabrics is that they are easy to work with, are soft, and have a 2-way stretch. Knit t-shirts are great for lightweight shorts and shirts because of their ease of sewing. But before you choose a specific type of T-shirt fabric, consider how important it is to you.

There are many different types of knit fabric. Cotton is often made with Pima cotton, a high-grade, 100% American cotton fiber. This fabric is soft, durable, and resists shrinking and fading. Moreover, it’s quick-drying. This makes it a popular choice for performance t-shirts. In addition to being durable, Pima cotton t-shirts are also quick to dry.