Different Styles of Wall Art to Decorate a Room in 2021

Do you want to create a beautiful interior but have no idea how to do it? If yes, then consider adding wall art in room to decorate it. Adding wall prints are one of the easiest and simplest way to bring new life in interior.

The best part is that there are different styles of wall art and you can choose any print according to your interior style. 

Let’s take a look at the styles of wall prints to decorate room in 2021!

Abstract Art


Do you want to decorate a wall with artwork that attracts viewers instantly and is hard to get out of mind? If yes, then display abstract art pieces. 

This wall art style does not illustrate real things like a place, person, or thing. Instead, artists create a significant impact with different shapes, gesture marks, or colors. Through abstract art, artists try to convey something beyond an actual world.

Impressionist Art

This art was born in Paris, then spread worldwide. It generally involves brushwork and light. Mainly, it aims to highlight the subject’s soul by showing a story but does not use realistic descriptions.

In this art, you can create anything on a blank surface without conveying the actual meaning. So, impressionism is more about the artist’s perception instead of a subject matter.

Sculpture Art

It is three-dimensional art produced by the following process: 

  • Carving: It is a technique where you use various tools to form any shape by cutting wood or stone. 
  • Modeling: It is a shape-making process where you use soft materials like wax or clay.
  • Casting: It is the process of creating a mold and pouring a liquid material into it.
  • Constructing: In this step, you build the structures with bending, stitching, welding, or other techniques.

Sculpture art is an incredible way to decorate the walls of a room and make them look visually more appealing. So, hang sculptures to draw visitor’s attention and create a topic of conversation.

Graffiti Art


Mainly you all see graffiti painted on roadside walls or public properties. Nowadays, it is a popular art style that allows people to show their viewpoints without raising their voices.

Though graffiti is illegal if you paint it on other people’s property, it is legal to make them on a blank canvas and hang them at your home. So, decorate the walls of a house with this unique art and enhance your interiors.

If you love vibrant colors and like city life, graffiti art is always the best choice to decorate your interiors.

Geometric Art

It involves points, shapes, angles, or lines to produce geometric forms. You can make various geometric shapes like squares, triangles, circles, and other complex structures using this art.

While painting geometric artwork, be precise, and use tools such as a compass, edge, etc., if required. Artists give an illusion with these geometric elements.

Still Life Art

It is an important type of Western art used to represent still-life paintings or dead sculptures. It includes natural and artificial objects like fruits, vegetables, games, or various inactive things.

Still, life art includes figure drawing by focussing on living beings. But, while painting still life, you already know that the objects don’t move. So, draw things with various properties.

In this art, the strokes of a brush can be loose or precise. Even a pen or pencil can make fantastic pieces in this artwork unless your subject is not moving.

Fantasy Art

Originated from Folk art many centuries ago, Fantasy art depicts mythological creatures or supernatural themes. You can mainly use it to illustrate stories or narratives. Both adults and kids like fantasy art because it creates an illusion of mythical lands. 

People generally display magical wilderness, fairies, dragons, unicorns, or sea spirits on the walls. It brings a sense of whimsy and adds wonders to the interiors.

Portrait Art


Portrait art represents a human subject, for example, Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, etc. In this art style, artists enhance the subject’s personality by adding the beauty of a moment.

Another unique and interesting form of this art is a self-portrait. You can display the hand-drawn portrait as a symbol of self depiction. It takes both effort and time that makes it more special.


Represent yourself with different styles of art on the walls of a home. Every art piece conveys a unique story that you can connect to your life. 

So, it would be best to understand different styles and then decide which art style you want on your walls.