Dinar Chronicles – Is There a Digital Version of Dinar Chronicles?

If you are looking for news and information on the global currency reset, then you may have come across the website Intel Dinar Chronicles. Owned by the Dubai Free Trade Association, this website is designed for investors. However, the website has been banned by the Dubai government. You may have wondered why this site has been banned. Let us find out. Let’s first look at why the website was banned. It was originally created by a journalist who was tipped off about the imminent global currency reset.

Intel Dinar Chronicles 

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) is happening. Strategic participants have arrived in Reno to sign the document. Money is literally flowing and has already started to come in to key participants. Emails to bond holders were sent out on Tues. 19 July with a payment date. Redemption staff is scheduled to go in to redeem bonds on Wednesday. The money was expected to reach Tier 4B by Thurs. 21 July.

Dubai Free Trade Association

While the Dinar Chronicles franchise has remained popular in Iraq for many years, it is now owned by the Dubai Free Trade Association. This organization hopes to expand the franchise beyond Iraq to other Middle Eastern countries. The organization has not announced concrete plans to continue the franchise in Iraq, but has discussed expanding it in the future. This news could have a significant impact on the franchise in Iraq. Here are some of the reasons the franchise may still thrive in the Middle East.

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Website for Investors

While it is important to seek advice from a registered adviser and licensed financial advisor before engaging in any investment decision, information provided on Dinar Chronicles is not intended to be a substitute for such advice. Moreover, the information posted on this website should be considered rumor and should not be considered as fact. The website’s operators and owners are not liable for any information posted on the website, whether positive or negative.

Banned by the Dubai authorities

The movie is based on the events four centuries after the birth of Prophet Muhammad and the start of the Muslim empire. In this time, the Islamic Revaluation led by Grand Vizier Faisal bin Abdulaziz ushered in a new era of Islam, in which the principles of Islam permeate the entire land. The message of Muhammad continues to resonate throughout the world as his followers live up to his ideals and continue his legacy.

Written by Kotseos

The Dinar has been the subject of lots of news in the recent stock market boom, but many people are skeptical about the currency’s value. Dinar Chronicles’ database and articles are comprehensive and aimed at providing information for the stock market user. You can also submit your own articles if you have some insight into the currency market. The blog is not a scam, but it does provide occasional updates that are not accurate.

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Updated every week

If you’re not following the Dinar, you should start. The Dinar is a new, gold-backed currency in Iraq that began trading on the Forex Back Screens last Sun. 26 June. By the time it reached $17, it was the highest it’d ever been. It’s only natural that this currency is backed by gold, and it’s expected to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Dedicated to fighting terrorism

The Dinar Chronicles team has dedicated itself to keeping readers informed on the latest events, including terrorism, as well as other sensitive topics. They regularly send out emails with new stories, and keep a database of crimes perpetrated by criminals. The website also features links to original pictures and text. In short, the team has made a significant contribution to the fight against terrorism. The team has been credited with preventing the recurrence of terrorist acts.

Makes predictions about the value of the Dinar

The Iraqi dinar is not likely to revalue any time soon, and the government recently announced a deficit of 23 Trillion dinars for 2015. The country is a mess, with ISIS holding onto vast areas of real estate and nearby oil fields and refineries. Oil prices are well below $100 a barrel, and the dinar isn’t going to revalue any time soon.