We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen. Communicating and eating together brings the family together. Appetite depends on the color scheme of the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to choose the right color for the kitchen table – after all, the mood of family members for the whole day depends on the comfort and coziness in the kitchen.

The most important thing

In the design of one compact room, two primary colors and one additional one are usually used. Plus an accent. Otherwise, the room will make a sloppy impression, and design delights will seem chaos.

The main color of the kitchen is the color of the walls. This is the largest indoor surface. The second main color is the color of the kitchen furniture fronts. An additional color is the color of the countertops. Sometimes the color of the refrigerator.

There are two types of countertops in the kitchen: a work surface and a dining surface (kitchen table or bar counter). Large kitchens can have three: a work surface, a dining table and a bar counter.

The color of the worktop and Concrete Coffee Table in modern kitchens rarely matches. This is because there are completely different requirements for them. The worktop should be non-marking and functional – this is why coatings “like stone” and natural or artificial stone are so popular.

The dining table cover should first of all enhance the appetite and create coziness in the room. Therefore, modern designers offer many options for colors and materials for the dining table

Size matters

         Paradoxically, the size of the kitchen largely determines the color of the kitchen table. In a small kitchen, a dining table with stools is located close to the work area and its color should, if possible, match the color of the tabletops of the side tables. Or, as an option – with the color of the facades (in this case, most often the facades and the covering of the dining table have a color and texture “like a tree”).

         In a small kitchen, designers often have to solve the problem of increasing space. The ideal way to magnify is to use monochrome and light colors, especially white. Therefore, in a small kitchen of stalinkas and Khrushchevs with an area of ​​6-7 m, the choice of the color of the dining table usually comes down to using the same plastic as on the curbstones.

Kitchen table materials

         The most traditional and democratic material is chipboard with lamination. Has a limited range of colors and patterns. The chipboard plate is not very durable, but it is affordable.

         The best performance characteristics are possessed by a MDF board with a PVC coating. The palette of colors, shades and textures is practically unlimited. Wood coatings are very similar to real wood, but much more practical and more resistant to scratches, moisture, grease and acids in food.

         Glass. Glass countertops are in trend now. Transparent, tinted and even matte. Because of their transparency, they do not clutter up the room. Strong, easy to clean, but scratches over time. May break if dropped; may chip at the edge when objects fall on the table. Some people feel uncomfortable with a glass tabletop – this should be taken into account when choosing a table.

Characteristics of colors

         Warm colors stimulate appetite, cold colors depress. Therefore, when choosing a color, this factor must be taken into account. After all, the kitchen is for cooking and eating, not a showcase of style.

White color

         The most common color for kitchen sets and walls. But the countertop is still worth choosing, if not colored, then with some shade. The glossy surface looks especially cold. All scratches are visible on white.

         Therefore, it is better to choose a combination of white legs and table-top “wood-like” or with small colored strokes that merge into a solid off-white background.

Natural wood and its imitation

         Natural wood always looks good. The very first furniture was made of wood; we associate wood with the warmth of the hearth. Therefore, a MDF countertop with a light or reddish-colored wood-like film almost always creates coziness in the kitchen (if it matches the style of work furniture). Shades of pine, red, brown, red and any other shades of wood also look good.

Stone and its imitation

         The stone is good on its own. For countertops with imitation stone, it is better to choose a mixture of white, pink, beige and cold – gray or black colors. When choosing a marbled finish, almost white color with thin colored veins looks better.

         In some cases, it is appropriate to use a coating with a predominance of dark blue or emerald green colors (mixed with black or graphite) – if such coatings are used for facades or a work surface.

Warm range of colors

         This range includes red, yellow, orange, cherry, raspberry color and their shades – peach, pink, lemon, orange. Warm colors tone up and stimulate appetite, warm, tone up.

         Intense colors – red, cherry, pomegranate, coral, crimson – are too exciting and raise the pressure. A bright countertop, especially in combination with the same facades, will tire the eye and somewhat reduce the space. Therefore, it is better to leave bright colors for accents, and choose the countertop in more muted warm colors: peach, pink, lemon, yellow.

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