Do I Really Need Wholesale Candle Supplies

Candles can help set the mood for an evening, create a calm atmosphere in your room, or offer a little light. If you’re just getting started with candle making, explore the many different types of wax and containers available! You can cut down on the cost of this hobby with wholesale candle supplies.

An Array of Options

Wholesale candle supplies typically offer a wider selection than at craft stores. You’ll have options for the type of containers for candles, as well as the amount, color, and scent of your wax. A person can find bulk wax containers in different colors, which means they don’t have to mix themselves. You can also find wicks in different sizes and styles, including organic cotton and soy-blend alternatives.

Wholesale suppliers are more likely to carry a variety of candle containers, scents, and other supplies, allowing you to expand your product line. One can find everything from paraffin wax to vegetable wax and wicks in various sizes and colors. These different options will help you decide which candles would most appeal to your needs. 

Cost Savings on Your Whole Candle Supplies

Wholesale candle supplies are a great way to save money on your candle-making hobby. When you buy candles from a store, the price is marked up significantly from just the total of the supplies used. That may be worth it for a singular gift or fast solution to ambiance needs, but making your candles gets you more candles for a lower per-unit price. 

Buying a small batch of wholesale supplies means you can start small and see if you like the hobby. This can prove an expensive hobby, it doesn’t have to be. Purchasing wholesale candle supplies from a reliable vendor can save you significantly, meaning (if you intend to sell your candles,) larger profit margins for you!

Unlimited Supply

You won’t have to worry about running out of candle supplies if you buy in bulk. A reliable wholesale supplier like Bulk Apothecary can provide an unlimited supply of materials. Instead of running from store to store gathering wax and oils, you can concentrate on creating new scents and colors. Not only will your creativity be given free rein, but your business won’t suffer because of a lack of supplies either.

Consistent Quality

There’s no question that the biggest perk of buying supplies in large quantities is getting high-quality products for less. When you buy in bulk, you’re getting a better price per unit than if you were to buy from an individual vendor. That means that you’ll be able to save money and that you can expect more consistent quality. You can be sure about where your supplies are coming from and their quality. You will make your candles with the highest quality materials, and your customers will love them.

With a reliable vendor, you will be able to maintain the quality and integrity of your product lines. Wholesale candle supplies are always more dependable and consistent than their retail counterparts. 

Consistent Timing

The last thing that any serious business person wants to deal with is inconsistent vendors. No one appreciates having a late shipment because their supplier does not deliver on time. It is important to find a vendor who can meet your needs consistently and on time. With a vendor, you can ensure your order will arrive when you need it, as wholesale suppliers’ delivery dates and shipping times are more predictable than craft stores. This will help your reputation with your investors and customers, as you can provide your products on schedule as well. 


The convenience of wholesale candle supplies cannot be overstated, especially when ordering online. You know exactly what you are getting, how much you’re going to spend, and how long it will take before delivering your package. Having everything shipped is a huge benefit, as you will not have to travel around looking for different items. There’s no need to worry about running into traffic or dealing with long lines with an online wholesaler. You can place orders quickly and easily online. 

Easier Ordering and Better Customer Service

If there are any problems with your shipment, everything is handled through email or phone. These online companies have customer service representatives available by phone or email all day, every day. They are also better equipped to handle problems that may arise during shipping or with items purchased online. Because wholesale candle suppliers are smaller operations, they’re also more flexible and responsive to your needs.

Get Your Wholesale Candle Supplies Today

Whether you’re just trying out candle making as a hobby, or are looking to start a business, buying wholesale is always the best option. Don’t delay any longer if you’re ready to start making the most of your candle-making experience! Start browsing wholesale candle supplies today and take advantage of all these sites offer.