Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Snow Removal

Winter weather is inherently dangerous. It doesn’t need to be made even more hazardous with improper snow and ice removal techniques. When it comes to management systems, chemicals, and environmental best practices, there actually is a right and wrong way to do things. Don’t make these rookie mistakes, but instead, DO face the winter season head-on empowered with these helpful tips for removing snow and ice!

Don’t Be Unprepared, Do Invest in Snow Removal Services

The longer your commercial property remains covered in snow and ice, the more business you lose. Customers and suppliers are unable to reach your doors if the parking lot and sidewalks are unnavigable or dangerously slick. However, if you prepare for the season with snow and ice removal services, you won’t have to worry about lost dollars.

While shoveling and deicing by yourself can be physically strenuous and time-consuming, a professional snow removal company can take the task off your busy hands. Plus, heavy-duty equipment like snow plows will make quicker work of it than shoveling alone. You can even trust your snow removal team to provide emergency responses to sudden weather events, so that you can keep business operating without interruption.

Don’t Use A Shovel, Do Use A Blower

If you aren’t ready to invest in snow removal services, you’ll have to do it all yourself. That said, metal shovels can speed up erosion damage to pavement and asphalt. More importantly, shoveling can be dangerous for those for whom a fall could result in serious injury. Do away with the back pain and invest in a high-quality blower. You can find snow blowers that will do the job in half the time, or you can simply repurpose a leaf blower.

Don’t Wait to Start, Do Remove Snow As It Falls

If you are faced with a heavy snowstorm, you may be tempted to wait it out before calling up your snow removal team or starting the dig yourself. However, it’s unwise to wait until the snow piles up. Not only will the multi-feet-high stacks be harder and heavier to move, but it forces you to suspend your business hours as well. A reliable snow removal company will arrive on-site as soon as necessary to keep your business open and flowing smoothly throughout the storm.

Don’t Use Toxic Deicers, Do Use Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Beware of anything you leave outside because it will find its way into the environment. Many deicers are made of chemicals that contaminate the soil and water supply and ultimately harm the local plant and aquatic life. Despite what you may read elsewhere, step away from the dish soap, kitty litter, and chloride-based rock salts that can erode brick and asphalt. Consider natural deicer alternatives such as sand, ash, or sugar beet juice. If you go with an ice melt product, make sure to choose calcium magnesium acetate or magnesium chloride, which have the least detrimental effects on the environment.

Don’t Use Hot Water On Windows, Do Use Alcohol Products

Do your office windows get fogged up and then frozen over in the wintertime? While this may not be a big deal for many types of businesses, it can interfere for others, such as automobile-based businesses. While hot water followed by deicers may work well for clearing pathways, it is not safe for use on windows. As it quickly cools in the outside air, the water will freeze on the pane, potentially causing cracks in the glass. Instead, alcohol makes for a convenient deicer that won’t immediately freeze over. Rubbing alcohol works well enough, or you can pull out the vodka or gin for an afternoon aperitif and window scrubbing.

In Conclusion

Snow and ice can cause severe problems for your business if not handled properly. At best, it will only obstruct your pathways, preventing customers from accessing your premises. At worst, your business may be liable if someone gets injured from slipping on black ice or hydroplaning on a slick parking lot. That said, you can rest assured that your business will be ready to conquer this winter season as long as you know what to do and what not to do!