Dryer Not Drying: Possible Causes and Tips to Fix It

The dryer actually has only one simple task. However, if it is no longer possible to dry wet laundry, this is more than annoying and the search for the error begins.

If the dryer no longer dries properly, this may be due to a defect that requires the device to be replaced or costly repairs to be carried out.

However, there are also some causes that you can quickly and easily fix so that the dryer works perfectly again. So, Either you can get help from the professionals in your area by searching for them online i.e dryer repair in Ottawa or you can try it by yourself by following these steps.

1. The simplest options when the dryer stops drying

You don’t always have to call a specialist for help as soon as the dryer doesn’t work quite as you are used to.

There are several simple reasons why laundry stays damp. We have listed typical problems that have nothing to do with the dryer itself:

The wrong drying program: Modern devices have a large variety of programs. It can quickly happen here that the wrong symbol is selected and the laundry is then still damp from the iron, i.e. not really dry.

Too much laundry: The drum of the dryer is relatively large and tempting to fill it up. However, in order to be able to work well, the laundry needs a lot of space both in the classic condenser dryer and in the economical heat pump dryer.

This applies to all the more, the lower the set temperature is. Therefore, only put as much laundry in the dryer so that the air inside can still circulate well. In this way you save significantly more energy, even if you have to use the dryer twice.

Materials that are difficult to dry: Even if there are now many gentle programs in modern devices, so that almost all laundry items can be put in the dryer, this does not mean that this is also effective.

Depending on the nature of the materials, moisture can only be transported to the outside with difficulty. The drying process is therefore not sufficient.

2. Tips for cleaning the dryer – how to prevent the dryer from drying properly

Regardless of whether you still have a relatively old vented dryer or already a modern one regular cleaning is mandatory for the dryer to function properly .heat pump dryer have standing in your laundry room – one

If the dryer won’t dry, try the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:

Clean the lint filter: If the dryer runs but no longer dries, first check the lint filter. Sooner or later, hair and dust collect here, causing it to become clogged.

If sharp objects get into the fluff filter, holes can also appear, so that you have to replace the filter.

Clean the temperature sensors: If the dryer no longer warms up, cleaning the temperature sensors can help. In many devices, the two sensors are located in the ventilation duct and on the heating element.

It is not always easy to achieve this. Since the sensors are usually not defective but merely stuck together, prophylactic cleaning is worthwhile.

Clean the condenser: If you have a vented dryer , skip to the next step. Otherwise, it may well be that it is clogged. It is best to remove the condenser and rinse it thoroughly with water.A hand showeris particularly suitable here .

Now dry the condenser with a cloth before reinserting it.

Clean the filter of the water tank: If the water tank no longer fills up, the small filter is often clogged. This is easy to see if you remove the water tank and look at the connection.

Check the drain strainer: Finally, check the drain strainer. Here, too, hair can get caught, which prevents the water from draining and negatively affects the dryer at work.

3. Technical defects – this is how you narrow down the cause

In addition to setting and cleaning problems, the reason why the dryers no longer dries can also be a technical defect.

Before you start troubleshooting and unscrew the device, unplug it.

The following technical problems occur particularly frequently:

Blown fuses: If the dryer overheats, there is a chance that a fuse will blow. You will usually find this behind the drum. Replace it now if it has burned out.

Drum is jammed: If the drum cannot rotate properly, the air cannot circulate, so the laundry is only heated but not dried.

If small pieces of metal become detached from clothing, they can get caught and prevent or limit drum rotation.

Try turning the drum by hand. If this fails, remove the back cover and try to identify the reason for the blockage. If this does not succeed right away, the only solution is extensive disassembly of the dryer.

Drum does not turn: If the drum can be moved by hand but does not turn when it is switched on, this indicates a defective V-belt (the drive) or an error in the electronics.

A defective heating element: If the dryer no longer heats up, the heating element is probably defective. Therefore, check immediately after a drying process whether the laundry is hot.

Brittle door seals: After a few years, the door seals suffer and become porous. If this is the case, energy consumption increases and drying performance decreases. Hot steam can escape from the door gaps.

Most of the time, the door is difficult to close. With a little manual skill, you can certainly replace a door seal yourself.

Hope these steps will help you to repair your dryer by yourself. If there is still a problem you are facing then you can also get help with professional companies like Appliance Technician Ltd. or anyone you like.