Easy ways of learning English

If learning English is a great challenge for you and you want to Easy ways of learning English, these 10 tips will be of great help to achieve your goal. Let’s go there!

Top ten tips to learn English and improve your level

That studying English is an option, not an obligation

 Easy way of learning english 

The first thing you should know is that the study of a language should not be experienced as an obligation. Making English part of the activities of your daily life, free time, leisure, enjoyment … is the key and one of the best methods to learn and to consolidate the language. You have to enjoy it!

1- Travel, immerse yourself in culture

 It is clear that the most effective way to learn the English language fast is traveling and living with English speakers. You will be amazed at what you are capable of when there is no choice but to speak English for situations as basic as shopping. 

2- English courses

 It is probably one of the first options that comes to mind to learn English. Today there are various platforms and online academies that offer you all the necessary tools to integrate knowledge from home and quickly. And most importantly, the English class must be adapted to the most demanding schedules.

3- Read in english

 Start from more basic levels and increase the difficulty. And by reading, we are not referring exclusively to books. Magazines, studies, documents … No one knows better than you what interests you the most.

The key is to find what motivates you the most and make the most of it. If you decide to implement this advice, take a look at this list of books.

4- Listen to music

 Find songs in English that you like and try to listen to them and extract as much vocabulary as possible from them. Look for the lyrics on the internet, in order to learn them and sing them. This way we improve pronunciation and fluency when speaking.

One point in its favor is that we acquire grammatical structures with little effort.

5- Series and movies in English

 It has the same advantages as listening to music. You can watch your favorite series in English with subtitles until you no longer need them. Or, relive those you already saw in Spanish.

For sure, you will end up becoming a lover of the original versions.

6- Social gatherings (bars, excursions, courses ..)

Conversing in English is a great way to practice the language, and it’s free too. You will be able to meet people with your same interests and with them share experiences in the learning process English .

Ask your friends if they know someone from outside and start practicing English and making new friends. And if they tell you about mistakes you make, all the better.

7-  internet

 The Internet is our great ally. Take advantage of the facilities we have today and look for doubts, translate words, watch tutorial videos … Be restless.

When it comes to studying English, you can opt for many learning methods. Theirs is that you incorporate as many as you can.

There are endless online , zero-cost resources that you can use to practice your listening, speaking, and writing.

Here we leave you an article with YouTube channels that will help you in your mission.

8- Make annotations

 It would also be of great help to have a small blog of notes that helps to remember everything learned during each day.

Review it regularly so that you don’t forget anything and be able to incorporate all those new English words into your vocabulary. 

It is important that you keep an order with your notes.Thus, when a question arises, you will know where to go back to consult information, structures, vocabulary or advice.

It helped me a lot. If you are a more digital than analog person, you can use a spreadsheet to classify your annotations.

9- Prove yourself

And finally, have conversations with yourself out loud, set goals to meet and of course: feel satisfied seeing the results you get!

Something that works very well is recording yourself while you do it. You will hear the mistakes you make and, much more important, you will see progress.

We recommend that you set goals and mark them on the calendar . This way you will know how far you are progressing in your task of improving your level of English.


As in any learning process, you must be patient and constant. You may not notice how you progress as much as you would like. Do not be discouraged. It’s normal, you don’t notice how your hair grows either, but it does it without pause.

Try to expose yourself and get involved in all activities that involve the use of the English language. Pass through the most central areas of the city and you will see how opportunities arise.

Do not shy away from giving directions to tourists when they ask for an address or translate the content you consume into Spanish by default. Remember that any time is a good time to learn and improve your English .

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