Eight tips to ensure your hotel rooms are spotless

Hotel housekeeping is integral to impressing your guests. A dirty environment, clutter, dust, and debris divert your guests’ attention. On the contrary, a clean facility puts a great first impression on your guests. After all, they spend money to live in a clean, tidy, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing place.

Customers feel more satisfied with their hotel experience when bed linens and towels are clean, bathrooms are disinfected, washed, and polished, and the common areas offer a comfortable, clean environment.

Here are some tips to ensure that your hotel rooms are spotless and guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and pampered inside the hotel premises.

  1. Dust everything regularly

You can never control dust; it will sneak in through the crevices and the narrow space beneath the doors. Dust makes everything look dreary and uncomfortable. Therefore, regular dusting is essential. Clean the table tops, the space above the entertainment cabinets, door jams, standing wardrobes, chairs, and other accessories in the rooms. You can access most places with a long-handle duster. Use a ladder for hard-to-reach areas, such as ceiling fans, lights, and fixtures.

  • Hire professional cleaning once in a while

Professional cleaners can be of great help. They can deep clean the premises by removing buildup on tiles and helping resolve maintenance and inventory problems.

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  • Keep your restrooms always clean

Guests expect to find their restrooms clean when they set foot in them. In a survey, 50% of hospitality cleaning experts ranked restrooms as the most important area for cleaning, and 48% ranked it the most challenging area to clean.

Restrooms are a haven for germs; therefore, always make sure the restrooms are clean. The staff must regularly clean the toilets, shower area, bathtub, and vanity. Toilets must be cleaned with a disinfectant, and the floors must be mopped. Once the bathroom is cleaned, dry all the excess water.

Restrooms must be cleaned every day in rooms occupied by guests. As soon as someone books a room, cleaning the bathrooms is essential before their arrival.

  • Change and restock the bed linen

Before the guests arrive, change the old bed linens and make the bed afresh. Freshly washed bed linens make your rooms look clean and neat. If a guest is residing for more than a day, they might need more linens and towels, so put some extra linens in the cupboard. It is a standard practice to change the old bed sheets, duvet, and pillow covers every three days – but always do this before new guests arrive.

  • Remove the rubbish

When your guests leave the room, remove the rubbish, empty all the dustbins, and collect all the stray wrappers. Check areas under the bed and behind the table for any rubbish hiding away from your eyes.

Don’t forget to place bin liners in the bins to prevent the bin from smelling bad, especially when the guests throw fruit peels or anything wet. Any food left behind and not consumed by the guests should be removed, or the room will stink.

  • Disinfect high-touch areas

One thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has told us is that germs can transfer in ways you least expect. So, now, you must be careful about dirty spots and the spread of infections. To keep the hotel rooms free from the risk of infection, wipe and disinfect all the surfaces, including the high-touch surfaces such as remote controls, TV, light switches, cupboard, and phones.

Don’t forget the little details such as doorknobs, baseboards, etc. It is easy to overlook these areas, but taking the time to clean them makes a big difference.

  • Vacuum floors

Vacuuming the carpets is essential – firstly because carpets attract a lot of dust, debris, and hair. Secondly, regularly vacuuming the carpets will make your room look fresh and clean. Thirdly, many vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters that remove allergens that may be hiding in the strands of the carpet.

Vacuuming the carpets often makes your guests’ stay more comfortable. It will also keep the carpets in good shape and help to extend their life.

  • Clean mirrors and windows

Mirrors in the bedroom and the bathroom get stained very easily. They are also very noticeable to guests as they use them every day. Therefore, take the time to make sure they are spotless. The same goes for windows that frequently collect fingerprints. Use glass cleaners, old newspapers, or microfiber cloth to clean the windows and mirrors.


Ensuring hotel rooms are clean is essential to enhance your guests’ experience. Keeping the rooms clean requires both daily and occasional deep cleaning by a professional cleaner.

When rooms are not occupied, their doors and windows should be kept closed so that dust and debris don’t find a way to sneak in. Also, use an air freshener to ensure rooms don’t smell bad.