Eligibility Criteria and Requirements to Study in the UK

The UK is a country in demand when it comes to studying abroad. The impeccable, world-class universities in the country attract students globally and cause a rush among them to secure seats in a few of the most desirable colleges worldwide. And this high demand causes a great deal of criteria fulfilment needed to secure your seat in the UK. 

Depending on your program choice and university, the requirements to study in the UK will vary. However, almost every course and university have a definite set of requirements. These are the criteria you must fulfil before going on to accomplish your journey as a UK student. 

Table of ContentsWhat is the Eligibility Criteria to Study in UK?What Documents are Required to Study in the UK?

In this article, we explore the requirements and respective documents you will need to apply to a UK university. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Study in the UK?

There are several categories into which the eligibility criteria to study in the United Kingdom has been divided. 

  • English Proficiency Tests
  • Special Entrance Tests
  • Previous years’ education
  • Other

English Proficiency Tests

The foremost condition is to pass a SELT to prove your excellence in the English language and show how capable you are to study in an English speaking nation. Here’s the minimum score requirement for most UK universities from different English tests.

English Proficiency TestBachelors’ RequirementsMasters’ Requirements PhD Requirements
IELTS 6.0 to to 7.0 
TOEFL60-9394 to 10179-101

The IELTS is the most famous English proficiency test, and most UK universities prefer the IELTS UKVI to admit students. Make sure you check with your target universities before appearing for a test. 

Special Entrance Tests

Based on your course and level, there will be special entrance tests that you’ll have to appear for to be an eligible candidate.

  • GMAT: For business students, scoring 550 (variable) in your GMAT  is essential to be an ideal candidate. 
  • GRE: For other post-graduation master’s programs, scoring a 320 on your GRE is important. *
  • LNAT: For law students, the LNAT minimum score is 25 along with a robust essay. 
  • BMAT/NEET: For medical students, you must appear for a BMAT or NEET as per your university’s requirements and get the required scores.

*Some universities require the GRE for post-graduate degrees while others do not mandate it. Ensure that you check with your university first. 

Previous Years’ Education

Lastly, and obviously, you should have completed your previous level education to apply to any course in the UK. There is a certain grading standard that you must have on your scorecard to be an ideal candidate.

Programs HumanitiesScienceCommerce

Other Requirements

If you’re applying to a postgraduate program, having work experience, apprenticeships, and internships on your CV adds great weightage to your profile and gives you an edge over other participants. Here are a few other things you will need to study in UK.

  1. CAS Letters: This is a confirmation letter you receive from your University that states that you have been granted admission. This is required for your student visa application.
  2. SOP: A statement of purpose defining your strengths and abilities and stating why you deserve to be on board.
  3. LOR: A letter of reference from your professor or employer from the past. 

What are the Required Documents to Study in the UK?

Here are the documents you’ll have to provide to study in UK:

  • Your passport
  • UKVI visa
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scorecard
  • Official transcripts of older education centres
  • Work experience certificates
  • Entrance test scorecard
  • SOPs
  • LORs

Other documents vary from course to course and university to university. It is best to follow a chronological order when collecting documents to apply to your university. It is advisable to contact your university personally and check if you have everything covered. More importantly, every student should consult counsellors before applying to a university and get their profile evaluated for good acceptance chances. Yocket Study Abroad Experts will help you cater to your academic needs, and even help you with application deadlines, document completion, profile building for your dream university and much more!