Ellis and Burlington Review — Is Ellis and Burlington a Reliable Company

Ellis and Burlington review

When Bitcoin was first introduced to the world, we could not believe that it would explode in popularity to a such degree that trillions of dollars would be streamed into it. The sad reality is that the craze gave birth to numerous scam projects and allowed individual fraudsters to prey on those who wanted to get rich quickly. Ellis and Burlington is one of the companies that try to counteract these issues by offering its clients a chance to get their money back. So let’s find out more in this Ellis and Burlington review.

One of the issues with the crypto industry is that it is not regulated and offers no protection to millions of investors. While governments of some countries are working on implementing stricter regulations, the industry is still far from being safe for investors. Many people also fall victim to the hype and often give away their money to people who claim to have insights about the future of some projects and promise huge returns.

The proliferation of scams on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook also caused harm to impressionable people who may not be educated about financial affairs in general and crypto assets in particular. With examples like Bitcoin that penetrated the mainstream media news cycle, scammers can easily manipulate their victims into sending them money.

How does Ellis and Burlington work?

The company managed to create a reliable method of investigating any case. With thousands of different incidents thoroughly explored by Ellis and Burlington throughout its long history, the agency managed to form a good way of streamlining the process of recovering funds and finding similarities between different scenarios to find the most optimal solution.

Here’s a short description of their process:

  • Clients quickly lay out their case and describe what happened.
  • Specialists interview clients again to obtain details and specify the number of stolen funds.
  • When evidence is collected and seems sufficient, the company starts its investigation.
  • The company will attempt to hunt down scammers and identify them.
  • When they find the scammer, they will immediately contact them and recover your money.

Some people think that scammers do not want to part ways with anything they steal, but Ellis and Burlington gathers evidence for a reason. The company can put pressure on scammers by threatening legal action and painting a bleak picture of prison life for scammers. The latter are often small-time criminals who do not want to go to jail. They quickly give up under pressure and agree to return stolen money, at least partially.

What information does Ellis and Burlington collect?

Since many crypto scams rely on obtaining your personal information, many people become very cautious when dealing with any online service. Ellis and Burlington should not be an exclusion regardless of its field of expertise. You should be very careful when working with any website.

Ellis and Burlington uses SSL certification and encrypts all information exchanged between its website and users. At the same time, the infrastructure employs powerful antimalware and antiviral measures to ensure that data is safely stored on its servers.

According to the privacy policy, the company never shares your personal information with any third parties or business partners. 

How to pay for Ellis and Burlington’s services?

After the initial interview, specialists will calculate the cost of the investigation and send you a preliminary quote. You can expect to see a significant discount when the company conducts promotional events which happen occasionally. 

The flat fee must be paid upfront. However, you may be eligible for a different method of payment when the fee is subtracted from recovered funds. It depends on the investigation process. If it requires expenses, the company will ask for an upfront payment.

The fee is relatively small considering the number of funds they can recover. While no one can guarantee that you will get your money back, the success rate of this particular company is quite high. On the other hand, it makes their services expensive.


Ellis and Burlington fund recovery firm is a result-oriented agency that focuses on recovering funds lost to crypto scams. With its time-tested approach to investigations and experienced negotiators, the company can solve the vast majority of cases successfully.