Everything You Should Know About Watering Emerald Zoysia

Water is one of the most important elements that every living thing needs to survive. This rule also applies to Emerald Zoysia sod grass. Other natural elements like sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients are also vital for the growth of the grass. But you have to be careful when watering because the wrong quantity, technique, and timing will damage the sod.

Types of Irrigation Systems Used for Emerald Zoysia

Although you can use an ordinary hose and water the sod grass, it might not apply the right quantity of water. Also, you might skip the day of watering. So, the gardening experts have suggested installing various irrigation systems mentioned in the below points.

Sprinklers Having Spray Heads

The sprinklers having spray heads are the most common type of irrigation system installed for both normal and sod grass. The water from these sprinklers pop out and spray the whole area. This system can be installed for both commercial and residential spaces.

Sprinklers with Gear Mechanism

Sprinklers with gears make clicking sounds as they distribute water occasionally; so that the right water quantity reaches the roots. Often, a timer is attached to the main device; to apply water to the wholesale sod grass at the right time.

Drip Irrigation Technique

The drip irrigation enables the sod to be watered at the roots. This system is installed under the ground; so that the water slowly reaches the roots. The water is not wasted through this system, and also there is no overwatering.

Factors to Know Before Watering Sod

Before deciding which irrigation system must be used, you should consider some factors because it will determine if the sod grass is getting the right quantity of water, at the appropriate pace, and when to water.

The Pace of Water Reaching Grass

If you want your sod grass to grow at the right speed, then the pace of water coming out of the irrigation system should be neither too slow nor fast. You should check the characteristics of the soil and then determine the pace of water.

Quantity of Water Applied

Different sod grasses that you can order from companies like Atlanta Sod Farms need water in various quantities. Some need only one inch of water, others should be soaked completely on extremely hot days, and a few can need three to four inches of hydration.

How Often is Water Given?

As the quantity of water differs from one sod grass variety to the other, the timing of watering is distinguished. Some grass varieties have to be watered daily, apply water to a few types after a week, others with a gap of three to four days.

Why Should You Consider an Irrigation System?

Many people don’t think of installing an irrigation system, thinking it might be a waste of money and time. But the property owners who have installed it reported that they got several benefits. The advantages that the irrigation system mentioned above give are;

Saving your Precious Time

If you have a large lawn in your home or commercial property, it might take a whole to water the area. But the irrigation systems will save you a lot of time on watering because some of the sprinklers and drip irrigation devices have timers attached.

Salvage Maximum Water

Many irrigation devices have sensors attached to them that can sense the quantity of water reaching the roots. The sprinklers will stop running when the right quantity has spread on the sod. This will salvage maximum water.

Wholesale Sod Grass is Not Over-Watered

A major cause of sod not properly growing is that the grass is being overwatered. When a variety of grass, including Zeon Zoysia sod, is being established, watering should be done every day. But you have to watch for the quantity and timing according to the grass installed.

Set Alarms for Watering the Lawn

If you are busy in your daily routine and forget to water the sod at the right time; then you should set alarms on your mobile devices to ensure that the water is given to the Emerald Zoysia at the right time.

You should know the types of irrigation systems, factors affecting the watering process, and the benefits of installing an irrigation system.

Here are three questions that will enhance the understanding of installing sprinklers, do the sod needs an irrigation system and overwater the grass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install a sprinkler system after sod?

You have to ensure that the sprinklers are laid down before the Emerald Zoysia is installed. In this way, the sod will not be damaged by the irrigation system installation process.

Do you need an irrigation system for sod?

Yes, installing an irrigation system for the sod is a good idea because you can save the time of watering a large lawn, water is not wasted, avoid overwatering, and set watering time.

Can you overwater sod?

Once the sod is established, you should avoid overwatering. This will damage the growth of the grass. But you can apply water daily when the sod grass is establishing and rooting the soil.