Empower Your Employees with Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer a buzzword in the corporate world. AR-based apps have started gaining popularity across various industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing and from chemical to real estate. It is fair to mention that AR can be implemented in all the major industry sectors for accomplishing multiple tasks. AR is useful as an effective way to communicate, learn, and teach. 

These days, AR technology is being used for remote assistance globally. AR remote assistance can eliminate the common hiccups and frustrations of getting technical support from remote locations. AR makes remote assistance lifelike while eliminating the need of calling support centers and improving response time. AR-based remote assistance also reduces service costs and enables technicians to get rid of extensive travelling. 

AR technology is useful for employees or field workers and expert technicians alike. The expert can see the situation of the remote equipment in real time and provide necessary support to field workers through digital annotations. Several reputed digital transformation solutions providers have come up with their AR-based remote assistance solutions. Let’s see which industries can take advantage of these solutions. 

Big Beneficiaries of AR Remote Assistance Solution

Maintenance Companies

Support and maintenance services play a vital role in various industries. The maintenance sector has gained fame in the last two decades with companies keeping one of the largest chunks of their operational budget for maintenance. Any enterprise that has invested heavily in machinery and equipment has to keep a significant portion of their budget for maintenance tasks. 

AR Remote Assistance can greatly help maintenance companies improve performance and reach. The user can see the real world with computer-generated graphics overlaid on it through various devices like tablets or a head-mounted display. In a way, AR technology enables maintenance companies to address challenges related to industrial maintenance, support, and operations. 


When it comes to visiting the place for claim settlement for policies on devices, vehicles, and other items, AR Remote Assistance Solution can work wonders. It is easy for insurance companies to check the damages to the customer’s devices or vehicles and pass their claims accordingly. Visual support functionality assists insurance companies and even banks to confirm the customer’s identity. 

It is possible to send images and videos of claims for ensuring quick and accurate claim settlement processes. The BFSI sector can also use AR technology for documentation handling, risk classification, and reducing fraudulent claims. 


Another big beneficiary of AR-powered remote assistance solutions is the communication service sector. Any communication service provider gives a wide range of hardware devices to their consumers. With AR remote assistance software it is easy to resolve the issues of the hardware and replace the parts if necessary. For example, if a set-top box or a router has an issue, the service providers can understand the problem quickly through AR-based applications and assist the consumer to resolve it. 

Remote assistance powered by the AR technology offers many benefits to the modern enterprises. With user-friendly features like digital annotations, file sharing, conferencing, camera sharing, and screen sharing, it is easy for experts or OEMs to find out the issue and its solution quickly. Here are the key benefits of remote assistance solutions. 

How AR Remote Assistance Solution Benefits Businesses

Instant Support

It is the biggest benefit of remote assistance solutions. Your IT team or expert technicians can give technical assistance to your customers, employees, or clients instantly using the AR-powered remote assistance software. What’s more, as the software can remain convenient to operate, employees can get the technical assistance anytime and from anywhere using handheld devices. 

Higher Efficiency

Quick support and maintenance of the equipment can effectively reduce the downtime and improve their performance. As a result, the equipment or assets can work more efficiently for a long period. Easy access from anywhere in the world for repairing and maintaining the equipment can also motivate your remote workers and thereby your team can work with more productivity and efficiency. 

User-friendly Experience

If you offer maintenance services, you need to depend on your client’s convenient time while visiting their plants or enterprises. Your schedule can get various hurdles like traveling issues, traffic issues, and timing of the client’s staff during physical visits. Thanks to AR remote assistance, you can provide your clients real-time support without upsetting your schedule. It is possible to give technical support even when your client is not available with the help of the remote support unattended access feature. 

Reduces Costs

Remote technical support service costs companies way less than employing a full-time, on-site support staff. Remote assistance software can also enable you to save big on the expert’s traveling cost and other expenses. Also, the AR remote assistance solution can also save the time it takes for experts to reach your remote plant. 

Concluding Remarks

Goldman Sachs has predicted that Augmented Reality will cross $80B in revenue by 2025. This prediction shows that the AR technology has a promising future ahead. As an emerging technology mega trend, AR is all set to empower your team members with remote assistance and give your company an edge over competitors.