Ensuring your children drink sufficient water

Feeding children can be challenging, but have you thought about their water intake? Water supports vital processes around the body, and a dearth of it then has implications for the child’s health.

Mild dehydration is more common during hot weather. Children who are more active during summers are also more likely to have insufficient water. The best way to ensure that you have a good supply of water at home for your children is to install a high-quality water filter

However, if your child has vomiting and diarrhea, they are more likely have dehydration, which can be very dangerous for their health.

If their condition is not well such that they are having extreme bouts of digestive problems, then take them to the Chinar International Hospital, as they might need rehydration urgently.

Sneaking in water

If you child’s health otherwise is fine, but their water intake is less, then you should make attempts to monitor their hydration, and ensure that they have adequate water intake. Here are some ways to help you through this!

Cut out cola

Not only is cola bad for health and packed with sugar, but it also contains caffeine, which is a diuretic i.e., it promotes loss of water from the body. Hence, do not allow your child to drink cola. It may also involve you leading by example; if you are drinking it yourself you cannot ask your child to not drink it!

Drink water yourself

Children learn by example. If you are not showing them drinking water is important, they will not pick on it by themselves. Therefore, make sure that you also drink enough water, and take a glass for yourself especially when the child is around.


Another way to encourage your child to drink enough water is by getting them special water bottle. You can get colorful ones, or ones with your child’s favorite cartoon character or theme. Likewise, you can also personalize them with the child’s name. The end goal is that you child should like the bottle enough for them to drink from it.

Fun ice cubes

You can also make water-time special for your child by making fun ice cubes. You can then make fun shaped ice, that can motivate your child to drink water. Many trays themed around cartoons are also available.

Food colors are not good for children, so try to steer clear of them. You can but use fruit juices like orange juice to add color and flavor to the cubes.

Add flavor

You can also make water flavorful so that your child enjoys drinking water. Do not add sugar, as that is not good for health, and will also affect child’s teeth then. You can however add mint, lemon slices, berries to the jug of water for to make it flavorful. These slices also add color to the water, attracting the child then.

Use special straws

Sometimes, children are reluctant to drink bland water. You can counter this by using fun straws in their mugs. The fascination with using straws, that they can only use with water, will then incentivize them to drink water.

Use an application

Parents have only a million things going on in their head. So, it’s entirely understandable for you to forget how much water your child has had so far in the day. An easy solution to this problem is by using an application.

Just make a note in the app whenever you fill their bottle, sippy cup, or glass, whatever drinking paraphernalia they use. If all is going well, then you just need to continue with your routine and not log every instance.

Get help

If you notice your child has fatigue, is not having any tears when they cry, have sunken eyeballs, are not peeing as frequently as they should or if they are potty trained, they have dark-colored urine, then it may be that your child has dehydration. Alongside increasing the water intake, visit your Child specialist in Karachi lest your child needs oral rehydration solution.