Essential Facts About a Volcano Nearby Madinah, Harrat Khyber

Saudi Arabia is a large kingdom with a wider number of places to visit from enjoyable places to historical landmarks. Saudi Arabia is a land with various areas, deserts, mountains, and coastlines where people may unwind. People flock to these destinations to have fun and relax during their holidays. The holiest cities are Makkah and Madinah where Muslims come to perform Umrah. Harrat Khyber is located in Hejaz and is part of the Khyber area. The Harrat Khyber is among the most well-known tourist spots. This volcano is located on the northern side of Madinah city and is noted for a variety of interesting facts about its main characteristics. Muslims can visit this place when they come to perform Umrah through luxury Umrah packages that include ziayarats to a variety of places. Listed below are some of the most essential facts about Harrat Khyber:

A Desolated Place

This volcano erupts multiple times, and the lava that emerges is incredibly scorching that nobody is able to even go near it. Lava contains a variety of volcanic elements and compounds, particularly exhaust gasses and substantial vapors that raise the heat of the lava to an increased level. According to several geologists, the Harrat Khyber is very damp, and also the upper surface of this volcano was formed when the lava settled down.

Gigantic Lava Basin

The volcano is notable for its massive lava field. Harrat Khyber represents one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest volcanoes, and it is positioned close to Madinah. This volcano has an area of around 12,000 square kilometers. The volcano’s eruption area is approximately 100 kilometers in circumference. Various studies on this volcano have revealed that its venting system has produced lava fields over thousands of years.

It Stems Back to Earlier Centuries

The volcano has held significant value from the period when the Holy Prophet was living. Based on numerous kinds of research, the Harrat Khyber was discovered between 600 and 700 AD. The lava streams cover a large area, and visitors are attracted by the gigantic stone constructions that may be found there. A ring of white and black lava surrounds the volcano.

Summing Up

Muslim obtaining Umrah packages also have the leisure of visiting several other historical landmarks. Services of a guide within their Umrah bundle will guide them adequately about all the places they visit. This way, they can learn more facts about the places they are interested in.