EuroXN Review – Taking A Close Look At The Offerings Of This Broker

EuroXN Review

Crypto enthusiasts have a multitude of options when it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency broker. However, as cryptocurrency regulations become more widely recognized, more clients may resort to authorized cryptocurrency trading platforms in the future. In this EuroXN review, we will look at EuroXN, a trading platform that attempts to fill this market vacuum.

EuroXN started working in March of 2016 and is managed by a team with extensive expertise in the financial business. Before we get deeper into all of the capabilities provided by the EuroXN trading platform, let’s take a quick look at the platform’s key benefits and drawbacks:

The benefits of trading bitcoin on EuroXN include users in the United States and across the world can access the trading platform, and experienced custodians safeguard cryptocurrency assets in cold storage.

Most of the competitors have a greater variety of tradeable assets, this is a disadvantage of trading on EuroXN. Let’s take a deeper look at the key features in this EuroXN review.

Crypto Assets That Are Supported

EuroXN provides a respectable variety of cryptocurrencies, that is sufficient for the majority of traders. The platform, of course, covers the most famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP Ethereum, and XRP but it also supports Defi favorites such as Maker and Yearn Finance, and other less famous crypto assets. EuroXN currently offers USD trading pairs for around 25 cryptocurrencies. The broker also offers trading pairs in Bitcoin and Fiat currency, bringing the total number of trading pairings to more than 80.

Easy To Use Interface

The EuroXN interface is straightforward and clear, making it easy to locate the platform’s most important functions. The current trading pair’s price chart takes center stage, while the top navigation bar allows you to manage your account.

A distinctive feature of EuroXN’s price charts is the ability for users to select from a large variety of trading indicators to help technical analysis. When trading on EuroXN, you have the option of using market, limit or stop orders.

Trading Commissions And Funding Options

EuroXN provides USD-denominated pairings. EuroXN accounts may be financed using a variety of techniques. Users can fund their accounts with money via a direct debit, Master Card, wire transfer, or ACH, and cryptocurrency deposits are accepted.

In terms of trading expenses, producers pay 0.20 % and buyers pay 0.26 percent. These costs are in line with industry norms, and they could be further lowered based on the quantity. Cryptocurrency withdrawal fees vary based on the cryptocurrencies assets, although they are frequently fairly low.


The EuroXN platform is accessible from all states in the United States and across the world, with the exception of few restricted countries. EuroXN now serves its customers from more than 180 countries.

Is EuroXN Secure?

Anyone who connects to the internet is aware that it is not a secure environment. Whatever you do, there are safety issues to consider. Your personal information may be stolen and used for unlawful purposes. Someone who obtains access to your banking information has the ability to take your money as well. These are issues that everyone faces, but they become considerably more obvious when you select to trade online.

EuroXN hasn’t been operating for very long, therefore the platform hasn’t had a chance to establish a solid track record in terms of security. However, the broker appears to be concerned about security. They introduced 2-way verification of the account, SSL, and KYC. This means they are serious in terms of providing a smooth trading experience.


EuroXN provides a unique service to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It provides a variety of cryptocurrencies linked against the US dollar, as well as various ways to deposit accounts. Trading commissions are fair. Users who wish to use their bitcoins in everyday situations may also make use of the trading platform. EuroXN looks to have put forth some effort to ensure the safety of the cryptocurrencies under its management, that’s always a positive thing.