Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Jewelry

High-end fashion jewelry is often made of precious materials. In contrast, low-end fashion jewelry is often made of cheap materials like base metals and simulated stones. Whether you are wearing your pieces for business or pleasure, you should match them with your attire. Below are some tips that will help you find the perfect pair for your jewelry. Read on to discover more about the different types of fashion jewelry available.

High-end fashion jewelry is made from precious materials

While the highest-end pieces are typically made of gold, fashion jewelry is also commonly made from plastic, glass, wood, and leather. Metals used to create fashion jewelry can also be synthetic or base metals plated with precious metals. Many of these pieces also contain simulated gemstones like plastic and cubic zirconia, cheaper than real gemstones. Some high-end fashion jewelry pieces even use Swarovski crystals, which are made of synthetic materials and are far cheaper than natural gems.

Precious metals used to be the primary components in fashion jewelry. These materials can include gold, platinum, silver, and titanium. Other materials used in fashion jewelry include rhinestones, crystals, and glass. Even though they can look real, many of these pieces are fakes. The best way to tell the difference between high-end fashion jewelry and costume jewelry is to look at what they look like and see if you can identify them by their quality.

Low-end fashion jewelry is made from simulated stones

Simulated gemstones are produced in laboratories to look like natural gems. They are made of materials that have different chemical properties than real gems. The materials used in creating simulated stones are glass and plastic. They are less durable than real gemstones and can be damaged more easily. As a result, they are not as beautiful or as durable as genuine gems, but they can still be inexpensive alternatives to expensive natural gemstones.

Costume jewelry uses simulated stones and is generally not expected to last a lifetime, but it appeals to the fashion-conscious consumer. Ice Jewellery is an excellent example of a brand that focuses on high-fashion costume jewelry styles and Insta-trending brands. Meanwhile, semi-fine jewelry uses higher quality metals but incorporates low-cost stones. While these types of jewelry tend to last longer, they can still crack and tarnish. Unlike costume jewelry, semi-fine jewelry is made to order.

It can be made from base metals

While some people are allergic to certain types of precious metals, others do not. In such cases, base metals can be an affordable alternative. Furthermore, they are less likely to cause allergic reactions than other materials. In addition, these materials are widely available in many forms and materials and can be used to make various kinds of jewelry. Listed below are why base metals are a good choice for fashion jewelry.

White metal: White metal is a tin-based alloy that is used for low-temperature casting of components in fashion jewelry. Because of its silver color, this metal is often plated or coated. Its composition differs by manufacturer, but it is often a more affordable option than sterling silver. Nickel: Another base metal, nickel is a blend of zinc and copper. When combined, it creates a durable alloy that is resistant to corrosive materials.

It should be paired with business attire

Wearing work clothes and jewelry isn’t always the right combination. Bright colors and designs can make a business environment feel overly stifling. Choosing colorful jewelry is one way to spice up the everyday workwear dress code without overdoing it. When in doubt, go for matching sets. A pair of colorful earrings and a ring will give you a stylish result while remaining work appropriate.

To add flair to your business attire, wear pendant necklaces. Pendants with smaller crystals aren’t too noticeable. Avoid elaborate designs, like large chandeliers or diamonds, and choose solitaire, cube, or marquise shapes. Swarovski’s Green Teardrop pendant is a brilliant way to add a bold style statement without becoming too obvious.