Everything you should know about Custom Clothing Manufacturers

In the clothing industry, when the stakes are high, your clothing manufacturer can be a life savior. In order to meet the rising demands of all your customers, you need a reliable apparel production company to work in tandem. If you are looking forward to starting a clothing business, it is essential to strengthen your working bond with your clothing manufacturer.

Rising fashion labels overlook the production aspect which is a big mistake. Don’t focus on acquiring orders before you know own the production abilities to fulfill them. A lot of labels struggle to search a good clothing production company only when they have orders piled up. In case you fail to fulfill the orders, it can affect your name negatively.

Hence, selecting the right apparel production company during the initial stage of setting up your label is very important. 


So, you have the concept to set up a new brand, along with samples and prototype. But, the only problem is to convert the sample to a bulk order. This is where a clothing production company comes in. They will produce your samples on a bulk level in hundreds or thousands as per your need. The companies have materials, labor and amenities to handle your commercial inventory.

Why is finding suppliers tough?

With the fashion industry growing, the markets have gone saturated. Hence, a lot of brands do not reveal the information of their clothing manufacturers. This makes finding a reliable clothing manufacturer tougher, but it is still not impossible. It just means you need to do more research and spend more time in searching for them.

How to find a reliable clothing manufacturing company?

If you are still hunting for a suitable clothing manufacturer, here are some tips to help you out.

  • Look out for recommendations and referrals

They say your colleagues, competitors and contemporaries can help you a lot. If you have worked with a clothing label before or if you contacts with other brands, you can definitely seek referrals and recommendations. Though not everyone may be delighted to share this information, you can still get a few recommendations. Your previous employers or colleagues can also be a good source of help. 

  • Fashion school

If you have studied in a fashion school or if you have worked with a brand before, you can ask your professors or other contacts for help. Established fashion schools often have numbers of clothing manufacturers for a number of reasons.

  • Online resources

The digital age has made this world a small place. A simple online search can help you look in the right direction and unravel the complete of manufacturers within minutes. You can find apparel production companies in China, Hong Kong and India and start working with them. Make sure you analyze their website, check their MOQs, price quotes, rating, reviews and other details to know their reliability. Once you are satisfied, you can ask for a sample and then proceed.

These are the basics of setting up a private label with a clothing manufacturer at your access. It will never let you down!