Excellent Packaging Design Trends To Consider This Summer 2023

Summer can be a good time to experiment with new packaging design trends. Brands can review seasonal sales data and consumer feedback before updating standard packaging or ordering packaging for the back-to-school and holiday seasons. Find out more about three excellent trends in packaging design that can give any product the fresh look it needs to become a bestseller.

The Appealing Minimalist Style

Minimalism has been a rising trend for several years, and the appeal of simplicity does not fade. Many brands turn to minimalist packaging to show consumers that they stand behind the quality of a product and do not need to use design gimmicks to drive sales.

This approach can work for a wide range of consumables, whether you prefer simple packaging in neutral colors or minimalist designs in bright or bold colors. It is also worthwhile to consider the mainstream preferences of the target demographic for any product.

Minimalist packaging should also be a good fit for products. In other words, the material and style of packaging should seem like a natural choice for the product inside. You should consider what to store in Mylar bags versus other flexible packaging materials and then consider the best design to represent a brand and product.

Welcoming Back The Rubber Hose Creature

Rubber hose animation was the original American animation style that rose to prominence in the 1920s. A century later, animated shorts, television episodes and video games that feature this vintage style have seen a resurgence in popularity.

Brands that sell products intended for children or products that appeal to consumers of all ages should consider the advantages of custom sachet packaging that features animated figures. The rubber hose style has a retro aesthetic that stands out from contemporary animations on packaging.

When you want packaging that has a timeless look without being too minimalist, you should consider designs that feature historically-inspired fonts and graphics. Digital package printing technology makes it possible to render these designs in high-resolution and appeal to consumer’s sense of nostalgia as well as their desire for novelty.

Augmented Reality Packaging

Augmented reality is a rising technological trend. The term sounds complicated, but AR describes features that enable consumers to interact digitally with real-world objects. Smartphones are the entry point for most AR projects, and smart packaging with QR codes is an example of AR packaging.

When your brand designs custom sachet packaging, you can choose to include QR codes. Standardized QR codes can direct customers to your website or a review portal, whereas serialized QR codes enable customers to confirm the authenticity of products or track product life cycles.

Whether your brand prefers to get back to basics, test the appeal of animation or upgrade the customer experience with smart packaging, try taking packaging designs in fresh and fun directions this summer. Digital printing makes short and variable packaging print runs more cost effective for companies of any size. Brand decision makers can then draw on sales insights and customer feedback when updating standard packaging designs.