Experience the Red Desert on a Dubai Desert Safari

While on your early morning desert safari, you will be able to snap a few selfies against the red desert’s dramatic dunes. You’ll follow the leader of the convoy of land cruisers as they duel with shifting dunes. As you drive along, harder sand hits bounce up even higher, splashing against the window and your car. A knowledgeable guide will keep you safe, while allowing you to snap a few selfies of your own.

Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience

In the Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience on your Dubai Desert Safari, you’ll learn about the traditional lifestyle of the Bedouin people. They are an indigenous population living off the desert’s natural resources. They rely on woods and ghat trees for shade, and they use camels for transportation. Camels can easily navigate sand dunes and make great transportation. They are used for food and clothing and the meat is often served as a delicacy. The milk from camels is also used to make yogurt.

Platinum Heritage Luxury Tours & Safaris

If you’re looking for the ultimate trip in the UAE, the Platinum Heritage Luxury Tours & Safaris is a great choice. Platinum Heritage’s luxury Dubai desert safari is a must-do experience, and its desert adventures consistently receive glowing reviews. Its list of celebrity clients is impressive, too. Platinum Heritage also runs a Bedouin camp that is solar-powered.

OceanAir Travels

If you’re interested in a desert safari tour, then you’ve come to the right place. Dubai’s famous desert safari is ranked among the best tourism experiences in the world. With activities including camel riding and desert BBQ, this excursion is sure to delight your senses. Plus, it won the top award in the “Experiences” category of the 2020 Travellers’ Choice Awards.

Al Marmoom Dune Bashing

If you’re a fan of sand dunes, you may be interested in the adventure of dune bashing in Al Qudra Lakes. While the lake itself is surrounded by other “easy” campers, this excursion provides a more challenging experience. The real dunes, however, require four-wheel-drive vehicles and experienced travellers. It’s also best to book a safari with an overnight stay, as this is the most exciting aspect of the tour.

Quad biking

You’ve heard of quad biking in the desert, but how do you choose where to go? There are two main options available: a day trip to the desert or a longer overnight trip. In either case, you’ll be treated to adventure and excitement in an uncharted landscape. Quad biking in the desert is the perfect way to see the sights and smells of the desert without actually setting foot in it! To start your quad bike adventure in Dubai, call the company or visit their website to find out more information.


If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day on a desert safari, then you’ve probably considered sandboarding. Similar to skateboarding and surfing, sandboarding involves riding a board that you control with pressure from the bottom. For those who are already familiar with these activities, sandboarding will be a breeze. Just make sure to follow some basic safety tips and get a proper lesson from an instructor.


There are many things to see and do in Dubai, but if you want to experience the true ambiance of the country, you’ll have to ride on camels. This experience is a lot of fun. You can even visit a camel farm and learn more about these gentle animals. Children should be at least five years old, and a camel ride is recommended for those who have some experience riding camels.


If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a falcon flight, the desert safari Dubai is the perfect place to experience it. Falcons are magnificent birds of prey. The Bedouin tribe had falcons and camels for many centuries and these animals were used for hunting, but now, you can see them interacting with humans. You can even get a falcon tattoo to remember the experience forever. A falconry safari includes a falconry demonstration and flight.