Facebook Spy App Vs WhastApp Spy App

The spy apps are offering some wonderful and interesting features for the user. There is no denial of the fact that people are slowly realizing the importance of spy apps and monitoring software in almost everyday routine and perspective.  The list of spy apps like TheOneSpy OgyMogy, and FlexiSpy have long and multi-purpose but today we are going to especially talk about two of the important social media app monitoring features. 

Instant messenger chat app and social media platforms cover by the apps include the Facebook spy app and Instagram spy app. Snapchat spy app, Whatsapp spy app, line spy app, Viber spy app tinder spy app, and many more. 

We all know social media and instant messenger chat apps are slightly different. Though there have been very less differences still both platforms offer unique and different ways to approach the digital media world. If social media platform is like a playground then an instant messenger chat app is like your own dressing room. Though both can be a public channels still the user has been given some control and that’s how things work in the online world.  We are going to compare a social media monitoring feature and instant messenger chat app today and how the monitoring feature handles both platforms for the users in terms of spying features. One is the Facebook spy app and the other is the WhatsApp spy app

Facebook and Facebook Spy App:

  • DAU (daily active user) rate of Facebook is quite high as expect as nearly 1.9 billion people log in to the platform daily. 
  • Everyone uses Facebook, some use it for simply making new friends, to know about the trends, for fun memes, or to join an informative group. The latest addition is business pages and vlogger accounts that use the platform to make money. To catch up with all of the active techie users and the young generation use of the Facebook spy app is necessary.
  • Facebook is all about accessing maximum people and delivering your point of view. The important thing is to keep an eye on the teenager or official account that only quality content must be shared. All the content is saved on the online dashboard with timestamp information. 
  • More followers and friends mean a big account. Use the Facebook spy app to know who is added to the target account. 
  • You can even get into the messenger box of the target account. Read the text message, call records and media share through the apps. 

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Spy App:

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encrypted calls and messages to its user. The platform has completely taken over the general text messages as the app offers free messages, emoticons, and colorful stickers. One can add GIFs and share video, images, audio files, documentation, and much more through this app.

  • Keep an eye on all the private text messages shared through the target account. Get alerts when the target adds a new friend to the contact list or about the deleted number. Teenagers add new more people to their contact which can be dangerous if any weirdo gets added to the contact list. Keep an eye on them and take action right away if any suspicious person is added to the contact list. 
  • Use the app as parental control and know about all the groups your kid or teenager has join. Use the app to make sure kids do not join adult groups or share vulgar content. Similarly, one can know about the official chat group and monitor any employees who are responsible for gossiping or spreading rumors about the work environment, boss, or organization. 
  • Sexting is another social issue but can be controlled through the use of the WhatsApp spy apps. Read the sent and received messages and take action right away. 
  • Media sharing is another strong feature of WhatsApp. You can go to all the official documentation share through WhatsApp and even check the audio recordings. Make sure no one is sending your teen vulgar content or any employee is using the platform to share confidential information with outsiders. 
  • Incoming and outgoing call record is saved on the web portal. 

TheOneSpy, OgyMogy offers many other features as well that include GPS location tracker, call recording, spy text, camera bug, and mic bug feature.