Features to Try: Things Android Can Do That iOS Can’t

Nowadays, you can notice the google android operating system on almost every other smartphone, while IOS is limited to only iPhones. Although these operating systems have many features in common, both vary substantially. However, there are certain things that only android users can experience, so in this article, we will cover things that Android can do and IOS can’t. 

Creating Multiple Profiles 

You can make more than one active user account on an android phone. This feature lets you log in to your Android by choosing any account profile from the lock screen. It will be helpful, particularly when you want to give your mobile to your children but want to keep your things far from messing up. On the other hand, IOS facilitates only one user at a time. So instead, they use faceID and touchID to prevent anyone from using your device.

Customize More Defaults

With Android, you can customize your home screen with third-party apps as your default option. In other words, it lets you choose default apps for most types of files. Hence,  it allows you to set a default app for surfing the web, playing music, using the camera, etc. Furthermore, whereas the iPhone comes with built-in Apple apps to prevent third-party apps from taking excess memory, it also offers more choices to delete inbuilt apps from your iPhone than before.

USB-C Cable

With Android, you can use a standard USB-C cable to charge and transfer data. These cables are readily available, so replacing a broken wire is inexpensive and straightforward. In addition, the iPhone comes with an official cable that will set you back more than a comparable USB.

Split Screen

Android comes with a split-screen feature. This feature enables you to open two apps in split-screen mode. You can use that split-screen feature straight from the task manager of your android phone so that you can use multiple apps at once. On the other hand, IOS supports multitasking, but that is not that efficient.

Versatile Internal/External Storage Management

You will get a default app to access your files on the iPhone, but it’s not that powerful. On the other hand, Android has a powerful and multifaceted file manager by default. In it, you can access your internal and external storage files simultaneously. In addition, you can efficiently perform all the necessary commands like copy, paste, move, etc., simultaneously. 

Smart Text Selection 

Although this is still a new feature in Android, brought forth with the release of android oreo 8.0. This feature enables you to highlight text from any app on your phone, and it will instantly get you to the relevant app. This feature can work with any information time, including phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and more.

Live Caption

The live caption feature spontaneously produces subtitles for any media file playing on playing on your Android. Its best part is that it will work if you are offline, and you will get captions for your videos. In contrast, it will not be attainable on an iPhone.

“Install from unknown Sources”

A prominent feature that enables you to install apps on your phone from outside the google play store. First, you must select “install from unknown sources” settings on your Android phone. Thereby, you can install any app or game on your Android. On the other hand, the iPhone doesn’t allow its users to install apps or games outside their App Store.

Storage Extension

Most Android phones support expandable storage, while the number of Android apps that do not have external storage options is few. Contrary to this iPhone does not support external storage restricting you to the internal storage space of your iPhone.

Ease to Access Files

You can transfer files from pc to any android phone with ease. Practically you can access all files after you connect your Android to a pc using file explorer of windows. But this is different for IOS. On iPhone, you can access files on your pc file explorer using iTunes only. In other words, transferring files from IOS to PC is difficult compared to Android.

These are some things that Android can do but IOS can’t. So Android has the upper hand in those particular instances.