Five Movie Night Ideas to Jazz Up Your At-Home Viewing Experience

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many cinemas are still closed and others possess a high risk of spreading the virus. After all, you sit with everyone in close proximity and that increases your odds of contracting the virus.

One way to avoid such a risk is to host a movie night at home and enjoy yourself with your loved ones in a safe environment. Here I have a list of ideas to host the best movie night ever and improve your at-home viewing experience. Have a look: 

Invest in a Wall Projector 

If you don’t have a home cinema, you should invest in a wall projector. Not only will it enhance your movie experience, but it is also a pocket-friendly option. A wall projector is relatively cheap compared to a home cinema system. 

Choose an interior or exterior wall that suits you well and transform it into a projector screen. You can set the wall projector on the floor at the front of the chosen wall or a table nearby. It’s as simple as that.

A Sound System is Essential 

Another essential thing that you need for the movie night is a sound system. If you have a soundbar, there’s nothing better than that. In case you don’t, it’s time you buy one. If you’re on a budget, I suggest you rent it out. Even though you can probably get an affordable sound system at a near home theater store.

Many music companies and event management firms offer such products on rent. It’s a great option as the rent for such things is usually minimal; hence, pocket-friendly. If you plan to buy one, soundbars by Sony and Panasonic are fabulous.

A Snack Board 

There’s no point in having your friends and family over if you don’t have food prepared for them. Food is the life of every party; hence, it’s mandatory. There are plenty of options when it comes to setting up a snack board for a movie night.

From nachos to banana chips and thin-crust pizza, there’s so much that you can prepare or order from a nearby restaurant. Plus, desserts are essential. On top of that, you can serve your friends with disposable vape pens that they can take home later that night. 

Martinis to the Rescue 

Don’t forget about the martinis, please. Just because you’ve set up a snack board, it doesn’t mean your friends and family won’t require a drink. Oh, and what could be better than serving your guests with martinis? 

Martinis are absolutely amazing and they can add oomph to every party, whether it’s a birthday dinner, a winter brunch, or a simple movie night. After all, everyone needs to loosen up a little from time to time.

Keep a Few Blankets Around 

A movie night needs to be comfortable, so you must keep a few blankets around. It is especially important if you’re hosting the movie night outdoors, at the patio or roof. Nights here in NYC are usually chilly, so that’s something I always do. 

They say there’s nothing more important than your comfort. Thus, no matter how incredible all the arrangements are, nothing would matter if your guests don’t feel comfortable. Apart from the blankets, you should also add some cushions to the seating space.

Follow the tips mentioned above and I’m confident you’ll have the best night of your life. Enjoy, guys!