Why Retail Store Owners Should Consider Fixture Liquidation

Is your retail store going out of business? Do you have too many store fixtures to sell on your own? A liquidation company offers effective services to get rid of unwanted fixtures and get top prices for the items. Learning more about the benefits of fixture liquidation shows store owners how to get more from these sales.

Get Rid of Unwanted Fixtures

After a retail store goes out of business, there are store fixtures throughout the building to disassemble and manage. If the owner is selling the building, these fixtures are removed to give the new owner access to the space. For many retail store owners, liquidation of the store fixtures is a major issue, and a service provider that manages these liquidations could come to the rescue. Store owners that want to get rid of unwanted fixtures review details about retail store fixtures liquidation now.

Maximizing Profits When Closing

Store fixture liquidation generates profits for the store owner through direct sales and auctions. Many service providers host a going-out-of-business sale to get rid of the fixtures and generate proceeds. These sales are a better choice than giving the fixtures to a recycler for a small payment. The owner can also get more out of the sales since these events often attract other retailers in the same area. For some retailers, the original price of one set of store fixtures is hundreds of dollars, and if they can recover at least half of the upfront costs, it’s beneficial to the owner.

Avoiding Financial Losses With Appropriate Pricing

The cost of retail display fixtures varies according to the design, dimensions, and surface space. For example, a starter shelving unit measuring around 48-inches long by 48-inches wide costs somewhere in the ballpark of $500. A standard slatwall is around $360. If the retailer had specialty fixtures such as mobile gondolas, the average price exceed $1,500 each. Comparing the upfront cost to the current value of the fixtures helps retailers determine how much to charge for each fixture or display. A service provider who manages these sales can offer estimates for how much each item could generate in sale proceeds.

Service Providers Manage the Entire Sale

The greatest aspect of hiring a liquidation company is that the store owner doesn’t have to manage any aspect of the sale. The service providers collect the store fixtures, clean them, and showcase the fixtures throughout the preferred venue. Their workers collect all payments for the store fixtures and give the money to the retailer at the end of the event. The service provider manages any deliveries for the store fixtures as directed.

Full Advertising for the Event

All marketing and advertising are driven toward the target audience, such as retail store owners. The ads are placed in the media, social media, and around the event venue, and all information for the event, including the date and time, appears in these advertisements. The cost of advertising is included in the fees for the liquidation services.

Restore store owners can take advantage of fixture liquidation and get more out of the sales. The service providers manage everything for the store owners, and the retailers can go about their daily life after closing their stores. The liquidation services include advertising efforts to inform the right viewers about the sales and provide important details. To learn more about these liquidation services, contact a service provider now.