Flex Your Style, Foster Your Vision, with Moon & Co Eyewear!!

Your personality is the mirror to the meaning of your existence. What adds value to your personality is how well you are put together and what language your eyes speak. This makes your eyes an essential jewel to be demonstrated in the most beautiful oysters. Add a spark to your beauty with Moon & Co Eyewear.

Moon & Co Eyewear

Moon & Co Eyewear introduces you to a world of enchanting eye wear where every piece you pick demonstrates a different shade of you. We handpick the best eye wear from all around the globe, each defining your real essence and becoming a small part of it.

From the exotic collection of Barton Perreira Eyewear to the mesmerizing Cartier Eyeglasses, Moon & Co acts as a wonderland for every eye wear brand name you utter from your mouth. Eyewear lovers all around the world had been in a dull state due to options getting narrowed. That’s when Moon & Co Eyewear stepped in to turn tables and present iconic and exciting eye wear pieces that redefine the art of accessorising. 

God is being kind to the city of Sarasota. Moon & Co Eyewear proffers a wide variety of eye wear as prescripted by the very esteemed Dr. Denise Cote LaShell. She practices comprehensive eye care and is instrumental in aiding patients to get accurate vision through high quality eye wear options.

Together, Dr. Denise and Moon & Co Eyewear bring their passions out to create masterpieces that are not only perfect for your vision, but also add a unique taste to your persona. The glasses you wear today add a unique touch to how you view the world. That’s when you need to have a look at the exciting eye wear options by Moon & Co Eyewear. Look for the beautiful pair of Barton Perreira Sunglasses or demand for Cartier eyewear, or search for any other brand for footwear; Moon & Co proudly offers only the top-notch quality eyewear for one and all .

What Makes Us Special?

Moon & Co aims to bring the best vision technology possible with a dash of sass. We believe that both comfort and visual appeal are important to make eye wear stand out. Our online store is jam packed with a myriad of eyewear options, each worth dying for. We devote our complete attention to providing only excellent quality products. We understand the suspicion behind buying an important essential such as eyewear through online modes. Thus, we make sure that whether we are exporting a Barton Perreira sunglasses, or the Gold & Wood eyewear, or a Cartier eyeglass; you get all these and more online, in supreme quality with Moon & Co. 

For Moon & Co, the right vision technology is just one of the many things essential on the road of redefining your eye wear. We blend technology with trend; thereby offering luxurious and trendy eyewear. We  believe that eyewear is an essential component of your overall look, and choosing the right fashion for eye wear is an art. We are artists experienced in bringing the most attention seeking, enchanting, luxurious, comfortable, and trendiest eye wear to complement your look.

HD Lens technology

And oh, how can you forget to not admire our custom lenses? Technology is undoubtedly making us see a good time, and we know how to make the best use of it to give you quality vision. We make use of our HD Lens technology to provide for every prescription in any range. Our lens technology lets us customize to your specific needs; gifting you the privilege of commendable vision.

Our designs are nothing but a true epitome of craftsmanship and sheer perseverance. With every eye wear option you see on our website comes a unique modern feel. We believe that every human born on the planet is destined to meet its perfect sunglass design one day, and we feel elated to be the medium of connection between this affair!

Excited to get an eye exam done?  Dr. Denise LaShell is a fresh member in the Moon & Co family and offers the highest quality comprehensive eye-exams in Sarasota.

Every pair of eyes reflects a unique, beautiful saga. Gone are the days when eyewear stole the beauty of eyes. At Moon and Co, you pick eye wears that not only add a pinch of class to your demeanour, but also speak your soul language!