Which type of flooring tiles is best for offices?

Do you feel yourself in trouble while choosing the best tiles for your commercial area? No worries- you are here at the right place as below there are tips by expert tilers in Perth!

Trends of beautiful appearance and cleanliness of the commercial place have increased. A commercial area is a place that requires special attention. A tiling system has come out as the best solution for office or commercial areas to enhance their beauty.

The commercial area is a high traffic place and selecting flooring tiles for high traffic areas requires design and quality. You must choose the tile which is aesthetically pleasing and durable. When you invest your money in tiles, they should be of good quality.

When it comes to office flooring tiles, many people get perplexed in choosing the best tiles. But it is important to choose the right one. If you have no idea which type of flooring is best you can take help.

With the best floor tiler in Perth, you can complete guidance.

Tilers in Perth can provide complete guidance:

Many companies assist in choosing the best floor tile, but you need the right one to choose. At tilers in Perth, you can take the complete guidance of commercial flooring tiles.

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With tilers in Perth, you can get the idea of the best flooring tiles. When selecting an office flooring material, you should consider both form and function.

Best flooring tiles for office:

Here are some tips and guidance from the tilers in Perth. You can consider these the best office flooring.

Terrazzo flooring for office

Terrazzo flooring is best for high traffic areas of the office because it is composed of composite material. It looks aesthetically appealing and durable because it is a mixture of aggregate chips like stone and marble.

  • Terrazzo flooring is mostly used for commercial areas because these tiles are comparatively light and durable.
  • You need office flooring which is easy to clean. Significantly, Terrazzo flooring is the best because it is easy to clean. Its best material makes them difficult to stain.
  • Secondly, Terrazzo flooring can be used for indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Non-porous and resistant to mould.
  • Terrazzo flooring contributes to the essence of the building and increases the life of the building.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring(LVT)

  • Tilers in Perth recommend you choose LVT flooring for your commercial area. Luxury vinyl tiles are the best fit for office flooring because these tiles are much more durable than a hardwood floor. Luxury vinyl tiles come in a wide variety of finishes and design options.
  • LVT flooring looks as aesthetically beautiful as hardwood flooring. These are more durable and cost-effective.
  • LVT tiles are spill and stain-resistant. As long as you clean the surface, floor staining will reduce.
  • LVT tiles are not immune to damage because they are scratch resistance. You can move heavy appliances and furniture comfortably.
  • Affordable than hardwood flooring.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are a great option to add warmth, texture and beauty to any commercial area. These tiles are durable and convenient. However, it comes to fitting, commercial tiling services in Perth will have no issue installing carpet tile.

  • These tiles are durable for heavy traffic and busy space.
  • Carpet tiles make the environment aesthetically pleasing.
  • Maintaining day-to-day carpet tiles is simple as these are easy to clean ad easy to replace.
  • Carpet tiles can absorb the excess background noise.
  • Carpet tiles are reusable and sustainable.

Quarry flooring

Quarry tiles are a suitable option for office kitchen flooring. Consequently,these tiles are durable because they are made of minerals such as feldspar, clay and shale.

  • These are suitable for moisturizing the environment.
  • Quarry tiles are affordable to install and are durable in nature.
  • Slip-resistant than any other hard surface.
  • Basic tiles that don’t require any glaze.


Failure to use good quality tiles for office flooring may lead to many issues. Moreover, Tilers in Perth has provided the solution for many people. If you find any trouble regarding office flooring you can use these guidelines and recommended tiles. This article will surely help you a lot.