Flowers for Surprising Our Loved Ones

One of the purest and most divine feelings in the world is love. The love which makes us put others before ourselves, the love which makes a mother go many sleepless nights so that her child can sleep peacefully. Also, love which makes us forgive all and gives us butterflies in the stomach. Such a strong feeling deserves little beautiful gestures from time to time, to remind the ones we love that we think of them even when they are not around. You can express such beautiful gestures through pretty flowers. 

Flowers come in different forms and colors, and each one carries a carefully thought message. So, they are ideal gifting options to surprise your loved ones at various events and situations. Here we have a list of different flowers and their meanings:


 Imagine having a bad day at work and not having things falling in place for you, and just then you get a reminder of how much somebody is devoted to you by sending you a beautiful bouquet of lavenders. These magnificent purple-hued flowers are a token of devotion and sincerity. They show your loved ones that you are devoted to them, even if you are not good at speaking it out loud. Wouldn’t that just make your day? Now imagine making someone else’s day just like that, doesn’t that make you feel even better? There is nothing more sacred than making someone you love to feel great about themselves. Use our Auburn-CA flower delivery services to choose the best quality flowers and send them to your friends and family.


Lilies are one of the most colorful and vibrant members of the plant kingdom. These alluring flowers grow in various colors, each color conveying a different message. There is a wide range of colors to choose from.White lilies look beautiful in the daylight when the sun hits them, these pretty flowers signify purity and piousness. Pink lilies are a sign of prosperity and make for an amazing house-warming gift. Yellow lilies signify your gratitude towards the person you are gifting these to. 


Waking up to a bouquet of dewdrop laden Salvia is a unique feeling. It gives you a simple aesthetic pleasure. If that is the kind of happiness you are aiming to give your loved ones, Salvia is a perfect choice for you. Let them know that they are being thought of even in their absence. Blue Salvia will surely bring a smile to a person’s face. Also, if you want to deem them as yours forever, go for a bright red Salvia. You can opt for online flower delivery services for the ones in pain directly from us.

Purple Hyacinth

These flowers are considered to be an ideal apology gift and are the best friends of an apology seeker. The gorgeous-looking flowers carry the message that the senders have realized their mistake and desire to be forgiven. So if you’ve made someone angry today, go buy them a bouquet of purple Hyacinths!From the wide array of flowers in the market to choose from, surprise your loved ones with the one carrying the thought they desire to hear. Do not wait anymore! Have access to all of SnapBloom’s exclusive collection of flowers through our website.