Four Incontinence Must-Haves To Invest In

Urinary incontinence has become a typical medical condition with growing metabolic disorders, ageing and other bodily complications. Incontinence is a common problem among young women after childbirth or those experiencing menopause. While there are several reasons for developing incontinence, age-related causes have been typical. With that said, men and women growing old have equal chances of experiencing incontinence. Luckily, you will find a versatile range of incontinence supplies today! A leaky bladder isn’t any problem until you start having your pants wet out in public. 

What products work best for urinary incontinence?

There are different types of urinary incontinence. Around 4.2 million Australians live with urinary incontinence, while many develop bowel incontinence. If you have been lately developing an overactive bladder or have trouble controlling your bladder muscles, it is a good time to invest in a pair of incontinence pads. Other symptoms include sudden and constant urge to urinate or have leeks that turn heavy and noticeable even after using a protective layer or an incontinence undergarment. 

With that said, depending on the kind of continence you develop, you might need a specific product. Here is a list of incontinence supplies from which you can choose the best fit,


If you rarely experience leaks or might feel a sudden urge to pee anywhere between a drive or a party, incontinence liners are the best bet. Liners best suit minimal leaks and come in various sizes to match personal requirements. If you feel a diaper or pad to be massive or bulky for your leakage, consider swapping them for a liner. Liners can go on your underwear and pants. You can consider using a liner adhesive to keep them in their place without displacements.

Incontinence pads

Incontinence pads are the most common incontinence product. Like menstrual pads, these pads slip above the undergarments and are absorbent. They absorb the leaking urine and prevent its penetration into the underwear. Incontinence pads are available for men and women, come in different sizes and, sometimes are customisable. 

Most incontinence pads come made with a water-absorbing layer. As a result, the pad remains dry from the top, keeping you sticky-free! Pads are the best incontinence supply for men and women who have just started to experience mild leaks. They are disposable, economical and offer the comfort you require. 

Pull-up diapers

If you are looking for a better fit and feel, incontinence pads are not for you. Some people may feel pads inconvenient as they might slip from the place. It can create minor leaks as displaced pads nullify the purpose of wearing one. The next go-to choice is a pull-up diaper. These diapers are best suited for men and women who experience heavy leaks or are looking for a travel-friendly incontinence product. The leak protection is of the highest grade. You will find diapers made of different materials, some reusable ones. With that said, ensure to look for breathability if you buy cloth diapers. 

Incontinence underwear

If you have used all the above products only to end up jeopardising your comfort, a pair of protective panties must be the next thing on your list. Some people might feel diapers and pads bulge out from their clothes, being too very noticeable and even pinching the skin. Though these flaws can be corrected by buying the right product, incontinence underwear can be the most comfortable and the best protection against heavy flows. Luckily, these undergarments come for different incontinence levels (from low to high). They comfortably double up as your regular panty, offering the right fit and being absorbent without compromising comfort or subtleness on your skin.  

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