Free Android Applications Every Business Should Have

Being a business owner comes with its own set of chaos. There are ups and downs, victories and setbacks, but most of all, struggles. However, with the help of the right tools and resources in our hands, we can uplift any enterprise from scratch. If you are someone who just started his business, then this article is just what you needed. We understand how marketing and networking are a priority for your business. Therefore, we have assembled a few free applications that can elevate your brand’s reach to certain heights. 

These applications are beneficial in all sorts of requirements. Whether you want to manage your daily tasks or virtual meetings, to-do list, or operational chores, everything will be at the tip of your fingers. Moreover, It would even be better if you develop your own application to increase your brand’s visibility and scalability. To do this, you can take services from any Android application development agency and rely on them to build an app that fits your needs. 

Till then, you can trust the applications listed below for your everyday tasks. You can also eventually upgrade to a premium version of these android applications once you get the pace of it. 

Calls with Skype :

There are many applications on the Play store that promise free video calls, but very few can offer an easy service like Skype. Many small businesses and enterprises depend on video calls and meetings with distant clients and stakeholders, where strong communication is critical to set a deal. Therefore, you can utilize Skype to stay in touch in any corner of the world with screen sharing and HD video features and call recordings that come in handy for presentations. 

Skype-to-skype calls using the application are free. Moreover, you can also get access to Skype for business as a part of Microsoft office 365 with a minimal monthly fee. 

Easy communication with Slack:

Slack is so ahead of all its competitors when it comes to productivity applications and work communication. If you get access to Slack, you can send text messages to individuals, groups, small or large channels instead of flooding your employees with text ideas. Slack makes communication better by integrating with other workflow applications and conducting video calls. 

However, the paid version of the Slack is even more robust, but with the free version as well, small businesses can reap plenty of advantages.

Budget Management with Mint :

Mint is a superior application when it comes to budget management, with a free version that is easy to use. Small businesses or startups often overlook the budget factor, which can result in a financial crisis later. An appropriate record of your ongoing fixed and variable and variable fees, your one-time expenses, and every little cost can help you save a lot of effort and time in the future. Mint makes everything manageable by keeping you in the firm grasp of your budget. No doubt, every startup should leverage this application. 

Invoices with Wave :

Wave is another free application that provides accounting and business managers with their finance and budget management needs, along with additional features you might love to explore. 

It also helps users to create and send personalized and professional invoices in any required currency and quickly transform estimates into approved invoices.

Furthermore, Wave can be used to make unlimited credit card connections, track expenses and income, and scan multiple receipts even when you are offline. 

When you get used to it, you can migrate to accepting bank payments and managing payroll for a specific amount. 

Schedule with When I work :

When I Work is a great plan and meeting scheduling app that helps in effective communication and keeps everyone on the same page. The application is entirely free if you have seventy-five or fewer employees. Sometimes scheduling hourly meetings and deadlines can take weeks, and all the work goes to dread in case someone is absent or on leave or called sick. Therefore, When I work keeps everything updated on a digital schedule to keep your plans on track. 

Document Scan with Genius Scan :

We use our smartphones for every little requirement today, so why should scanning be an exception.  With the help of Genius scan, you can quickly scan any document (receipt, form, or contract) or picture and export it in PDF or JPEG format.

This application is also available on iOS but for a small fee.  

Banking Solutions with Simple :

Starting a business can create a lot of confusion in terms of investment. Often, you would feel like having someone to take care of your finances and other banking solutions. 

Simple is a top-rated banking solution application for small businesses that offer an FDIC insured checking account with minimum balances and no hidden fee.

The account and the application are free, along with a massive network of fee-free ATMs across the country. 

Time management with Toggl:

In a business, managing one’s time effectively is the most significant aspect needed in order to succeed. Toggle acts like a time tracking app that helps you gain a better sense of using your time, helping you with productivity, and creating reports on such insights. You can even set reminders or “idle detectors” to keep your plans updated. 


The applications mentioned in the above list can be a powerful addition to your business. They are free and can help you manage the workflow at the best rate. You can also create a personal business application that can exhibit similar features. To do this, you might need guidance from any Android app development agency to provide technical expertise.