Full Guide On How To Setup Centurylink

Centurylink has been known as one of the best telecommunications providers that supports high speed internet, cloud connectivity and smooth email services. Through its highly extensive global fiber network, it has been successful in providing secure and reliable services to meet the ongoing demands of businesses and consumers. 

The highlight of centurylink is that it will create one or more email accounts automatically once you sign up for the services. Centurylink usually doesn’t require any extra setting if you sign in via email to the webmail interface. But there are some centurylink email setup for iphone and android required to shift centurylink by altering some changes into incoming and outgoing server settings.

If you are also wondering how to setup centurylink email in outlook and how to shift it to your iphone or android devices, then no need to worry, you have landed at the right place. Emailspedia.com brought to the full guide on how to add Centurylink email to Outlook, what are its easiest alternative ways, what benefit you could have from centurylink and all related details. Emailspedia makes sure that the entire guide provided to its readers is well researched, polished, studied and served in the most convenient way. To receive such more informative articles and tutorial guides, stay tuned with emailspedia.com website. 

Here are some steps on how you can add centurylink to your desktop

Centurylink email settings- POP3

Below are some settings you need to do in POP3 for incoming mail server

  • POP server name – pop.centurylink.net
  • Port value- 995
  • SSL- Yes

Centurylink email settings –SMTP

Below are some settings you need to do in SMTP for outgoing servers.

  • SMTP server name- smtp.centurylink.net
  • Port Value – 587
  • TLS-Yes
  • In place of entering username , enter your complete mail id that’s equal to your username
  • SMTP sets its server limit as 20 Mb  by default
  • Set email sending limit to 100 contacts
  • In case you have attached your email with webmail then you get a limit of 100 mails per hour.
  • With SMTP you get benefit of 500 mail per hour
  • If your IP is on while sending mail then it fluctuates with 50 mails per hour.

Above changes in incoming and outgoing server ensure you to set up centurylink to your device without any issues and you’ll be able to enjoy email service smoothly with proper working facilities. 

Centurylink Email settings – IMAP

SMTP and IMAP are quite similar, but there is a bit difference in changes in IMAP and SMTP, that are listed below

  • IMAP mail server- mail.centurylink.net
  • Server Port Number- 993
  • SSL- Yes
  • For username, your complete email id should be filled at that place.
  • Similar to POP3 , server limit is 20 Mb
  • Just like SMTP, IMAP too gives a mail limit of 100 contacts but in case you need extra, you have the option to purchase more according to your will.
  • Here too webmail services gives you perk of limit of 100 per hour
  • By SMTP you get limit of 500 per hour
  • While using IP based mail service, your limit shifts to 50 mails per 5 seconds

These were the steps you could use to set up Centurylink to your desktop, below are the settings you need to do to set up Centurylink to your iPhone and android.

Centurylink email settings – Iphone

  1. open iphone settings
  2. Drag down and search for Mail, Contacts and Calendars option, click on it. 
  3. Check on the iCloud option, and opt for Add Account and from there select “If centurylink.net is not there in the list”
  4. click on Add Mail Account and you will find an interface where you need to fill some details including:
  • Name- your Name
  • Email- Your username
  • password- the one you registered to your centurylink.net
  1. Once you done entering the details, click on  Next
  2. click on IMAP  and fill the details
  • hostname- mail.centurylink.net
  • username- email id
  • password- your registered centurylink.net password
  • SSL- yes
  • Server Port – 993

For outgoing server

  • Hostname- smtp.centurylink.net
  • Username- email id
  • Password- same as IMAP
  • SSL- yes
  • Server port -587

Centurylink email settings for Android Device

  • Click on Gmail app from your settings
  • below the setup, email section go and click to Other
  • Enter your email address of CenturyLink and press Manual setup
  • In the manual setup, enter all the details same as IMAP
  • Click on next
  • Enter the same details as SMTP with username, password, and security type and port number. 
  • SMTP server – smtp.centurylink.net
  • port- 587
  • click on next again
  • Once you are done with the above steps, enter your account number and click on done. 

Centurylink email setting for outlook

Incoming serve- pop.centurylink.net

Incoming port – 993

SSL (security) incoming- ssl

Outgoing server- pop.centurylink.net

Outgoing port – 143

Requires sign-in – yes

Beneath Login Information fill in the following settings:

E-mail: your Centurylink email-address

Password: your Centurylink email-password

Login with security: SSL