Garden Rooms With Efficient Storage Solutions

So you have decided to go for a garden office, summerhouse or a pool-changing area in your garden but can’t find a proper fix for your storage concerns? Your quest for a solution ends here. At Modern Garden Rooms, our competent designers help create that beautiful personalised space you require supplying efficient storage solutions for your lawnmowers, tools, family bikes and other storage clutter that can use more contemporary and innovative concealment.

An office in your garden, along with a storage shed, no longer means the ordinary storage boxes or other unsightly structures just propped by an unsafe makeshift room, challenging the aesthetics you have envisioned for your garden expanse. It is now possible to have the best of both worlds. We can build your garden room with intelligent and creative placement options for a storage shed. Our team finds resourceful ways of embedding comfort and functionality in all our deliveries, ensuring effortless access to all your storage articles without suppressing your unique expression in the final look of the place.

So how do we go about it? While the entire procedure is comprehensive, to simplify, we construct partition walls to produce storage space within dimension and requirement constraints. We can mould your shed space for unique storage purposes – closet sized or broader, for industrial or household supplies – appropriately placed at either a corner of your garden room or along any wall of your building. Based on your conditions, the storage room can have independent admission, so you need not be disturbed by others intruding into your office space. You will not find yourself picking between style and practicality, as wide and stylish uPVC doors will avoid hindrances in retrieving bulky items while ensuring a smooth experience.

A garden room or garden office and shed combined will save you precious garden space, avoiding immense storage structures congesting your garden. Opting for customised garden storage solutions also makes your area more personal, modelling it after your style instead of settling for readymade and usually incompatible units available in the market. All our solutions offer flexibility, including removable partitions, should your requirements alter in the future, and you wish to do away with storage altogether to dedicate the entire space to your office.

Like all garden rooms we build, the storage area is also insulated and weatherproofed to increase the life of your property and possessions, while the quality construction materials ensure maximum strength and durability to the structure. These also offer stricter safety features, such as door and window locking facilities, as opposed to a traditional storage shed which is more fragile.

After selecting any of the five from our architecturally sound garden buildings – Canopy, Rendered, Bordered, Cube and Concave garden rooms – customers can make it their own depending on their needs, as they can all be given a personalised touch. The final say on the style and fitting decisions remains with the customer, so we can accurately furnish their desired garden spaces.

If you wish to get help narrowing down which option is the most suitable for your garden rooms, our online 3D design tool is equipped to give you a virtual peek into the layout of how your room and shed space will ultimately appear.

Modern Garden Rooms is committed to offering beautiful and hand-crafted versatile garden rooms to our customers throughout the year across the UK, with dedicated teams of designers and their expertise to deliver for unique needs and budgets. Call us at 01423 603026 or write to us at to get more details about the installation prerequisites and book a free garden survey!