Get A Vivid Idea About Different Types Of Rugs

A wonderful way to highlight any room of the house especially the living area is by placing an exquisite piece of rug. For outlining and increasing the beauty of your home, rugs can play a substantial role. Only thing you need to take into account is selecting the perfect rug and it should be done only after you get a thorough idea about this unique product.

Once you visit various stores you are bound to get overwhelmed at the diversity of rugs that are available at supercilious price ranges. Considering just about three basic criteria while selecting the rugs: style, price and placement will get you to the beautiful rug for your home. 

Presented here is some of the very useful information about this product.

Different genera of rugs:

Rugs can be categorized majorly on the basis of the purpose for which they are used. You will come across bedroom rugs, living room rugs, kitchen rugs, indoor or outdoor rugs and stair runners. No matter for what purpose you need rugs, the material needs to be a lasting one and should be known for its versatility.

Rugs are mainly used to cover a specific portion of the floor in any room. When it comes to area rugs there are quite a few options. You may get those either as machine made rugs or handmade rugs or even synthetic rugs. 

Most commonly available rug materials on website:

  • Woolen rugs:

In general these rugs are traditionally hand woven or hand loomed or hand knotted. You may come across machine loomed woolen rugs as well. But in reality those are crafted with synthetic fibers and not genuine wool. Woolen rugs are pretty expensive has they are hand woven and the quality is exceptional with intricate designs. Often woolen rugs are passed from one generation to another generation and are considered as heirloom. These rugs should be ideally placed in the living room, entrance or bed room area.

  • Silk rugs:

We all are aware that with silk comes delicacy, sheen and sophistication. Same qualities are applicable to silk rugs that exude a lavish look and unparalleled shine. These rugs are also chosen because they are gentle to touch. Though, cleaning a silk rug is quite a complicated process hence it is always advised to place these rugs in those areas of the house where you expect less number of people to enter. If you want to go for any alternative to genuine silk, try out viscose or rayon made rugs instead. But quality wise these are not pure and neither will they last long if compared to original silk rugs.

  • Cotton rugs

Cotton rugs are widely chosen by budget conscious customers mainly. This can be quite a playful option too. Though lasting quality is quite poor when it comes to this material and the color starts to fade out in a couple of years. Better use cotton rugs in casual spaces.

  • Leather or sheepskin rugs:

Leather or sheepskin rugs are produced from animal hides. Leather is woven mostly whereas sheepskin is entirely made out of animal hides. These are appropriate for limited spaces or in rooms that are weirdly shaped. These tend to accumulate dirt hence it is recommended to shake those out from time to time and to clean them quite frequently.


There are many more materials that are available in market. Mainly people select as per their choice of material along with the size that may match with the given space. Even color and design are pre requisites while selecting such rugs. Whichever type of rug you choose, cleaning the rug is not an easy task and you need to opt for services that offer to clean your rugs with that extra care.