Let’s Get Ready by Accessorizing Your Dirndl Look

As long as you don’t go overboard with the colors, a natural look is always a winner when it comes to wearing a dirndl. You don’t even have to change your makeup or your dirndl; all that matters is that they go together.

Dirndls often feature a low-cut bodice, a shirt worn underneath, a wide high-waisted skirt, and a matching apron as part of their ensemble. It is customary to wear a dirndl to a wedding or other formal event in Austria (in German Tracht). Alpine peasants wore it throughout the 16th and 18th centuries.

The first Oktoberfest was held when Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on Oct. 17, 1789. The wedding was marked by numerous days of drinking, feasting, and horse racing. Afterward, the event was reinstituted as an annual rite.

A cropped dirndl blouse is typically worn under the bodice to conceal the shoulders and upper arms when wearing a dirndl, which is always at least two pieces: the dress and the apron. The skirt usually has pleats and is gathered at the waist, while the top is typically form-fitting.

The Dirndl is typically accessorized with many types of jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and chains. Pumps or flats ballerinas work well with dirndls. Socks of any length, not just knee-length, are common.

If you are thinking about the accessories that go along with the dirndl then you are on the right page. Here are the top five things you should consider while finishing your outfit and getting the German boys to smile at you. You can check out our entire Oktoberfest collection of jewelry and other accessories at Dirndl Online Shop; they sell the best quality ones. So, once you’ve assembled the essentials of your German Oktoberfest ensemble—a dirndl, blouse, and apron—it’s time to get creative. 

Dress in Your Dancing Footwear

High heels, boots, ballerina flats, and sandals all go well with your dirndl. Whichever you choose is determined by two factors: the weather and your level of activity. Booties or even knee-high boots provide the necessary warmth to keep your toes warm on frigid nights. Additionally, careful considerations must be made if you enjoy participating in Oktoberfest dancing and drinking. While heels are charming, they are not necessarily the best choice for a dirndl if you will be on your feet for several hours. As a result, it is critical to wear the appropriate Oktoberfest footwear. Close-toed flats are the most comfortable and traditional option for Oktoberfest. Adding a pair of classic German lace socks completes every outfit. Despite the fact that a dirndl is often paired with black shoes, the style can vary. You may prefer high-heeled leather shoes, ballet flats, or even boots. 

Select the Appropriate Hat for Your Personality

Two styles of headwear are trendy at Oktoberfest: tanker hats and alpine hats. As with any other hat, the style and color you choose are entirely subjective. It is not required that it matches your dirndl, but as always, that is an added bonus! German women’s traditional hats are crimson with cording around the brim. Often, the cording is embellished with a feather or an edelweiss medallion.

Shine Brightly with the Appropriate Jewelry

It’s unexpected to find a girl who doesn’t enjoy enhancing her dress with a lovely necklace or earring set. Traditional German jewelry themes include edelweiss, the country’s unofficial flower, hearts, pretzels, and deer (stag heads, pieces of antlers, or even bone). Necklaces come in a variety of shapes and lengths, but the choker is the most popular. For comfort, the choker is typically composed of soft, stretchy velvet. 

Carry the appropriate wallet.

Coin purses, with the size of a wallet, are an excellent addition to your Oktoberfest ensemble. They often feature a loop on the back that slips around the ties of your apron, allowing for hands-free carrying of the essentials at the full-day event of Oktoberfest, like money, identification, chapstick, and other similar items. There are also numerous adorable purses with crossbody straps that allow you to enjoy your Oktoberfest while yet having enough room to carry your belongings. Wallets and purses of wool or leather and embellished with an edelweiss, Germany’s unofficial flower.

Belts for Girls Who Aren’t So Girly

For women, it is critical to have accessories that coordinate with their Bavarian-style pants. Leather belts with traditional Charivari chains and ornamental pendants have been introduced by designers, going the extra mile to achieve a graceful, delicate style. This fashion is trending immensely. This is the ideal combo for girls who prefer to dress somewhat aristocratically.