Getting Lip Fillers in Dubai? Here’s What You Should Know

Many women desire to have full and plump lips. Lips are the most prominent facial feature and those with small or thin lips can enjoy a fuller pout through lip augmentation. It is a cosmetic procedure that lets you have a proper pout. Lip fillers in Dubai are the most common of lip augmentation to take place.

Lip augmentation is done in several ways to alter and enhance the appearance and shape of the lips by increasing their fullness. Lips fillers are the most preferred and popular means of doing so where dermal fillers are injected in and around the mouth. They contain a natural substance, hyaluronic that assists in increasing the volume of the lips.  The gel in the filler The process takes about 15-30 minutes and the filler shapes and supports the lip tissues. You can get back home on the same day.

The results are temporary that last between six to eight months.

What to Expect

When you decide to get fillers in Dubai, here is what you should expect:

Before Getting Lip Fillers

There are some things that you need to know before going for lip fillers. When you go to a professional and skilled clinic, you shall be asked to get an appointment for a consultation so that it can be determined that you are fit to have the procedure done.

Although slight bruising occurs, taking blood thinners such as paracetamol and ibuprofen is not recommended when you are going for lip fillers.

Also, see that you avoid drinking alcohol a few days before the treatment.  The reason being that alcohol also thins the blood. Make sure that you stay hydrated and drink a lot of water in the days before the treatment..

During the Treatment

First of all, your doctor shall apply a numbing cream to your lips. This will help in reducing the amount of discomfort during the treatment. It might prick a little bit. But it is a minor pain that you can tolerate. When the filler is injected, the pain is just like what you feel after getting any injection. The lips might feel strange initially and you will feel the sensation as the solution goes into the lips and settles itself while plumping the lips.

After the Treatment

The best thing about dermal fillers is that you get immediate results. You can see the new look of your lips instantly. Initially, there is going to be some swelling.  You shall see a better representation of the lips after three days. You still need to avoid alcohol and blood thinners. The patient experiences some bruising and swelling after the treatment. You can enjoy the results of the procedure for 6 months at least. The durability of the treatment also depends on your age as well as lifestyle.

The Best Type of Lip Filler

Cosmetic procedures and technologies are growing at a fast pace. When it comes to dermal fillers, there are various brands of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. The best ones are Restylane and Juvederm and are known for the excellent quality and results. Also, it depends on the kind of lips you want to have after getting lip fillers. Juvederm is the best option if you wish to have a plump or pillowy pout.

However, Restylane is great for having a more natural look. Both of these types are good. It is more of a personal preference. The clinician shall discuss your options in your consultation. Always make sure that the products you plan to choose are FDA-approved.

Duration of Lip Fillers

Good quality lip fillers bring you results in 4-6 months. However, the results depend on the client. Moreover, your metabolism also impacts the results. How long the lip filler relies on the speed of your metabolism at which it breaks the filler down. It is recommended that you start small and then gradually increase the fillers until you are satisfied with the results.

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