Glass lift provides high precision and efficiency during installation

Are you here to find the right company for glass lifting. You are at the right place, in this article we will discuss the famous company for glass lifts by the name of Smart Lift Solutions. In this article, we will also discuss the glass lift rental. So be in touch and read the article till the end.

Smart Lift Solutions offers a variety of glass handling equipment for rent. This equipment comes in different sizes and shapes. Hire the one which fulfills your requirements and lift the weight accordingly.

Rent a machine for Glazing

Glass lift rental is vital in case of the glazing. Glazing is the process of installation of glasses on the interior or exterior of the building. This installation is not possible by manpower especially when your building height reaches a certain point.

How do renting machines save your money?

Renting a machine not only saves your money but also your time. With the help of renting equipment, you can complete the project on time without facing any difficulties. The main reason behind this is the company is responsible for most technical issues.

If you face any technical issue in the operating of the equipment, you can call the company where they have a special team for that. On the contrary, if you have this machine on your own then you will be responsible to care for it well and it will cost you a lot.

For the glass lift rental, you don’t need to pay as much money as you pay at the time of buying it. It simply means that renting equipment is always cheaper than buying. Apart from this as we discussed rental equipment also reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Glass lifters are divided based on their features and weight lifting capacity. Below we will discuss some of the models of glass lifters machines. Some of them are for outdoors while others are for indoor activities.

  • 1008 OUTDOOR

This lifting machine is the perfect choice for 14.4 feet height and 1800 lbs weight. This Glass lift rental can lift the mentioned weight easily and then displace it at your favorite point without cracking or damaging it.

With a single charge, this machine can operate for up to 8 hours long time. And the approximate charging time of the battery is of 8 hours.

  • 608 outdoor HL 

This is another powerful and heavy lifting machine that can easily lift three-layer thick glass. The lifting ability of the 608 outdoor machine is up to 1340 lbs.

  • 408 outdoor HL

If you want to lift the glass of the weight up to 830 lbs, 408 outdoor will be the perfect choice for you. This machine can easily handle the given weight and can lift it at the height of 10 .66 feet.

This machine can run for 3o hours long time by a single charge. The same as above this also has a charging time of 8 hours.

  • 580 indoor

For indoor use 580 indoors is the best choice if your’ glass weight up to 1278 lbs. it can smoothly run for 30 hours with a single charge of 8 hours.