The difference between email name and username accounts

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The difference between email name and username

There is big difference between email name and username. But mostly people ignore it and according to large numbers of people both these things are same. But here we will tell you that both these are different from each other and both have their own importance.

When you will send an email to anyone then the name that will be display on email will be your email name. While your email address is your username.

How to change email name?

Before discussing about email name changing in Gmail, I want to clear one thing here that there is same process of changing email name in different email services. So if you are using any other email service and want to change email name, then this blog can help you a lot. However, your Gmail email name and Google account name are same things, so there is no difference between both these. Here we discuss that how we can change only email name in Gmail as well as all in Google apps.

Change email name only

Here are some simple steps of changing your email name while using Gmail accounts. However, before discussing about these steps, it should keep in mind that you cannot change it while using Gmail mobile app. So if you want to change it, then it is important to use browser for your gmail account.

Step 1

Enter your username as well as password for opening your Gmail account.

Step 2

Press on icon for settings menu. It will be on the right side at the top of your Gmail inbox. So scroll down until you will find settings menu.

Step 3

Here I want to tell you a big difference between free version Gmail account and paid Gmail (G Suite) account. When you will press on settings then there will be the option of “accounts and import” tab in free version Gmail accounts. While if you are using G Suite account, then there will be the option of “Accounts” tab. So you will need to click on this option.

Step 4

Click on the option of “edit info” that will be under the option of send mail as and against side of email name that you want to change.

Step 5

Now it is the time of your aim and you can edit your email name that will be appear in future when you will send email to someone. When you will edit it, then you can save it by clicking on the option of “Save Changes”.

How to change Google account name?

If you want to use different Google apps, then you should have Google accounts. It is good news for Gmail users, that if you will change your Google account name, then your Gmail account name will be automatically changed. If you want to get this benefit, then it is no matter that what you are using, but you can change it while using Android and IPhone.

Step 1

Open your Google account and choose the option of personal information that will be in the left sidebar.

Step 2

Click on your name that will be under your profile. Here I want to tell you an extra thing that if you want to change your password, then click on the option password and you can change it by proceeding.

Step 3

For edit in your account, you will get help from pencil option that will be given in it. If you are using simple account then you can do it as you want but if you are using G Suite accounts, then you should contact with administrator.

Step 4

Edit your old name and put new to replace it and then click on done.

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