Golf Lessons in Greater Charlotte, NC

Golf Lessons and Instruction in the Greater Charlotte, NC Area:

You will find various golf lessons and instructor options to enhance your golf game in Greater Charlotte, NC. Although you are a low-skill player or an experienced golfer, several reputable establishments can cater to your needs and help you improve your skills. Here are some of the featured instructors and golf schools in the area.


The PGA Tour SUPERSTORE opened its first location in Ballantyne in April 2022 and is owned by Golf & Tennis Pro Shop Inc., a subsidiary of AMB Sports and Entertainment, and an excellent option for golf lessons, fittings, and other golf-related services. They provide free fittings and offer lessons, club repair, and more if you’re looking for a comprehensive golf experience.

  • Accepts credit cards.
  • 1:1 sessions available
  •  4.5 stars.
  • Open: All 7 days

Jay Reid School of Golf: 

Jay Reid School of Golf is at Birkdale Golf Club in Huntersville, North Carolina. Jay Reid is a Golf Digest Best in-State teacher who has taught for over 30 years. Jay has worked with several local courses to help golfers improve their skills and become better all-around players.

Jay has collaborated to assist golfers in developing their talents and playing the game more effectively overall.

Privet Lesson:

      Jay Reid  Packages

       Brad Vistain Lesson
One-Hour Lesson: $120.00

1/2 Hour Lesson: $60.00

3 Hour Lessons: $300.00

5 Hour Lessons: $450.00

10-Hour Lessons: $800.00

Adult One-Hour: $80.00

Junior One-Hour: $65.00

4 Hour: $300.00

8 Hour: $560


Junior Programs:

They organized a Junior summer camp for 4 days aged 5-17.


Adult Programs:

 $125 per person registration.

Doug Breuer at Harry L. Jones: 

Doug Breuer is a highly regarded PGA member with over 30 years of coaching experience. Moreover, he caters to golfers of all skill levels and has a talent for breaking down the golf swing in an understandable manner. Doug previously taught at the Ballantyne Golf Academy for over 10 years and now offers his expertise at Harry L. Jones.

Doug Breuer Achievements:

        Best 2023 Results       Career Records
GGS Charlotte Chapter Championship: 32 Events Played: 11

Cuts Made:        5

Leatherman Golf Learning Center:

Chris Leatherman runs the Leatherman Golf Learning Centre He is a Member of the PGA of America. He has 28 years of teaching experience; the Leatherman Golf Learning Center provides high-quality lessons at reasonable prices. The centre is known for its group lessons, which offer a great starting point for golfers looking to advance their game. Other knowledgeable instructors are also available at the centre.


  • AGE: 50
  • ADDRESS: Waxhaw, NC
  • CLUB: Leatherman Golf Learning Center

Spencer Golf Academy:

Located in: NorthStone Country Club

Address: 15801 Northstone Dr, Huntersville


Established by Doug, the Spencer Golf Academy is located at the NorthStone Country Club and has expanded to include Charlotte, NC, and Ohio locations. Doug has been recognized as one of Golf Digest’s “Top 40” Teachers under 40 and has received accolades as one of the Best Teachers in Ohio since 2015.

Lesson price Series Price List
Doug Spencer – $175.00 5 Private Lessons: $825.00

 5 Junior Lessons: $775.00

 10 lessons: $1,615.00


Rating: 4.0


With locations in Tyvola and Ballantyne, GOLFTEC takes a technology-driven approach to golf instruction. They utilize advanced technology to analyze your swing and offer personalized feedback to improve your game. GOLFTEC’s clients often rave about their results, making them a popular choice among golfers. The initial swing evaluation costs $100 and provides various lesson packages based on your goals.

Golf Galaxy: 

Golf Galaxy, owned by Dicks Sporting Goods, is another excellent facility that offers comprehensive golf services. With three locations in the area, it’s a convenient option for lessons, club repair, club fittings, and simulator rentals. Golf Galaxy is known for its affordability while still delivering top.

The Ultimate Golf School: 

The Ultimate Golf School is found at the Stonebridge Golf Club. It provides various golfing-related educational opportunities, such as private lessons, golf camps, golf schools, and the Ultimate Golf Challenge. The association’s members selected Barry Churchill as the 2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Year. In addition to that, Barry is a Golf Fitness Instructor who will elevate your game to the next level by utilizing various technological tools.

#01     1 Hour $125

1 Hour with Video



#03 2 Hour Playing Lesson $199
#04 Half Day (2 hrs full swing, short game, w/video ) $349
#05 Birdie Plan (1 Hour Lessons) For 5 days $419
#06 Eagle Plan (Five 1-Hour Lessons. One w/ Video Analysis $449


X-Golf is a popular place for club fittings, golf lessons, memberships, business events, private parties, and some of the best indoor golf simulators in the world. X-Golf is on Tega Cay, which is a short drive from Charlotte. It is a great place to practice your golf swing all year, especially when the weather is terrible. There is also a full bar and room to use.


In conclusion, the Greater Charlotte, NC, area offers a diverse selection of golf lessons and instructors to help golfers to improve their game. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or are an experienced player aiming to refine your game skills, the featured instructors and golf schools listed above provide various options to suit your needs. There’s something for everyone, from experienced PGA professionals like Doug Breuer and Jay Reid to technology-driven approaches like GOLFTEC. Additionally, the availability of facilities such as the PGA Tour SUPERSTORE, X-Golf, and Golf Galaxy ensures that golfers can access a wide range of services, including fittings, club repair, and simulator rentals. The golf lessons and instruction options in the Greater Charlotte area will help you achieve your goals.