Organic Herbs and Spices| Growing of Organic Herbs

Organic herbs are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Organic herbs are considered healthy food like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, basil, oregano, and asafoetida. These all are considering organic herbs by the USDA.

The smell of organic herbs:

The most common types of organic herbs have a strong pleasant smell but do not require any additional cooking or potting soil preparation. Rosemary is a scent that is considering one of the most classic scents in the world. It has a beautiful aromatic scent that lasts for hours and is excellent as an addition to the kitchen. It adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen and is a great smelling herb.

Varieties of herbs:

Other than that, there are numerous different varieties of organic herbs and spices like Organic Turmeric root Powder that you can plant in your herb garden and have them offer you many hours of enjoyment. Herbs such as dill, coriander, and fennel are famous for their ability to add flavor to dishes. You can spice up your salads with some the herbs such as basil, rosemary and mint. You can spice up simple teas such as jasmine tea by brewing it in a teapot made from unsweetened teas.

Growing organic herbs:

When growing your organic herbs, you can choose exactly how much of each variety you want to grow and how much of a combination you want to harvest from each array. This is a great hobby that you can get into and enjoy for many years to come. Many people who have their land plots will also have a garden coop built under their existing roof, so they do not need to go out into the cold weather to harvest their organic herb. 

Others simply buy organic bulk herbs from bulk herb distributors at their local gardening store. If you plan on growing your own organic culinary herbs, you will have to learn a bit about the different types of herb and what they are best used for. You should also learn a bit about growing and harvesting your herb if you make the trip to your local gardening store or your local organic herb garden center.

Things you must know about organic herbs:

Here are some of the things you should know about organic herbs and their spices before growing your herb. Organic culinary herb and spices are grown without using any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. The latest Organic spices include allspice, cardamom, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Organic spices don’t contain any artificial preservatives, colors, or fragrances. Additionally, organic herbs and spices may contain natural oils, but these are produced organically. So the oils are natural instead of synthetic.

The flavor of herbs and spices:

Many people buy organic herbs and spices because they like the flavor they provide. Some people even grow organic herb and spices on their own and then freeze or dry them for future use. This is very easy to do if you are interested in growing your herbs and spices, but you don’t have much time put into the task. You can find books on how to grow organic herb and spices and detailed instructions on how to prepare and cook with them. Organic spices and organic herb provide the same health benefits as regular spices, but they don’t use harmful chemicals.

Chemical fertilizers

If you decide to grow organic herb and spices yourself, there are a few other considerations that you should think about. First, you want to avoid exposing your crops to chemical fertilizers. Organic culinary herb and spices contain natural fertilizers called essential oils. Plants naturally produce the essential oils, but commercial fertilizers and pesticides make them much less realistic. Chemicals sprayed on plants can penetrate the soil and contaminates the plants’ roots. So you want to avoid using chemicals for your gardening purposes.

How to buy organic herbs and spices?

Buying bulk organic herbs and spices are the best way to get plenty of them for your cooking and baking needs. You can find bulk herbs at most health food stores and spice wholesalers. You can also buy bulk organic herbs and spices online and have them delivered directly to your door without having to worry about where the fresh herb is coming from. Whether you want to cook from home or purchase bulk culinary herbs for gift giving, shopping online for them is a great way to get the freshest products at the best prices.


You can spice up salads with some the herbs such as basil, rosemary, and mint. Organic culinary herb and spices contain natural fertilizers called essential oils. The essential oils are naturally produced by plants, but commercial fertilizers and pesticides make them much less natural.