Hair Style men! The length decides

Real men have their own mind – and that’s why hair style men can take a little longer. Because only with good preparation and the right strategy can the perfect hairstyling succeed. Find out here which men’s hairstyles are currently popular and how you style them.

Styling hair for men: Your styling for every day

Women love men’s hair – whether short or long, curly or gray mottled. So it’s no wonder that smart men style their hair like crazy. But also at work and in your free time, well-fitting hair is a sign of style and format and determines how you perceive yourself.

The possibilities for styling hair are almost unlimited for men. When it comes to hair styling, the combing direction is particularly important: men with round faces should raise their hair or comb it backwards to visually stretch the proportions. If your head is rather narrow and your chin is pointed, let your hair fall in your face. This gives more visual fullness. Men with high cheekbones can accentuate them with a side parting.

Our tip: Don’t forget your sideburns. The rule of thumb when styling is: the longer the sideburns, the narrower your face looks.

Styling hair for men – it’s all about the finish

When it comes to styling men’s hair, the only limits are physically. This is where length really matters. Short hairstyles up to about four centimeters work best with gel or wax. While gel fixes the hair firmly and conjures up a wet look finish, wax keeps the hair flexible with comparable strength. From four centimeters upwards, parted versions are recommended for men when styling their hair, which are blow-dried with mousse and then fixed with hairspray. If you don’t want to do without standing hair despite the length, you can use hairspray for the finish – this ensures standing ovations, especially in nightlife.

Hair Style men

This styling suits you: trendy hairstyles for men

No matter whether your haircut is short or long: your hair only gets the right hairstyle with the right styling. Here you will find practical tips for your hair styling:



The classic short cut

With the classic short cut, the hair is cut short on the sides and at the nape of the neck. The top hair, on the other hand, is a little longer and can appear tousled on purpose. In order for this look to succeed, the Styling InvisiControl Neat Look Forming Paste is a must  . With the hair paste from L’Oréal Men Expert, your hair can be easily modeled without sticking. Put some paste on your fingertips and then run it through your top hair. The wilder you work with the styling, the more casual the look!



The wet look

A lot of pomade is used for the wet look. Here it should look as if your hair is wet and casually gelled backwards. The wet look looks best when the sides are shaved down to a few millimeters. The top hair in the middle, on the other hand, is significantly longer. Use Styling Club Clean Cut Defining Fiber for this . The hair paste can be worked into damp or dry hair with your hands and ensures an accurate hold. To make the wet look perfect, use a fine-toothed comb. Comb the product into your hair and style it back, leaving the sides completely exposed.



long hair

Hollywood stars like Jason Momoa have proven it long ago: Long hair also looks great on established men. If you want to show off your mane even better, light waves will cause a stir. Voluminous men’s hair is allowed to be untamed and free. Go for a styling product that gives your hair natural volume all day long. With the Styling ExtremeFix Indestructible Spray  , medium-length and long men’s hair can be shaped and styled. Simply spray into the hair upside down and then run your hands through the hair several times – done.



the awesome

This striking men’s cut takes you straight back to the 50s. Wearing a quiff makes you look a few centimeters taller. With a leather jacket and blue jeans, the quiff looks extremely self-confident and stands for a casual, rocking lifestyle. Of course, the hairstyle requires a certain hair length. It can be styled in different ways. For the classic look, add some volume mousse to your hair while it is still damp and blow-dry it backwards with a round brush. Then lightly backcomb strand by strand. Then you style the backcombed parts slightly backwards and fix your voluminous quiff with some hair gel and spray – the rockabilly look is done.

Styling beard and hair: Men love the self-determined look

In addition to styling the hair, the focus should always be on the beard. After all, it underlines your individuality and is a real statement. Whether you have a hipster beard, mustache or a full beard with sideburns: the beard care series from L’Oréal Men Expert will help you with styling. Barber Club Beard Balm Beard + Skin  gives your beard a soft feeling and cares for it with essential cedarwood oil. At the same time, the balm nourishes the skin under the beard.

As you can see, there are many different ways to style your hair. Find your statement look or experiment with the trendy hairstyles. The L’Oréal Men Expert product range offers you support.