Hanging Wall Art: The Right Way to Hang Your Favorite Pieces

hanging wall art

Hanging wall art can seem like a daunting task. All the different styles, shapes and sizes can make your head spin. But don’t worry! You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all of this. There are actually a few simple rules to follow when deciding where to hang your favorite pieces of art. Follow these rules to get the perfect look on your walls in no time at all!

Choose the Right Spot

The first step to hanging your art is deciding where to hang it. You need to decide what style you want to use for your wall art and then find the best spot in the room. For example, if you have a very formal living room, you may not want to use the same style of art as someone with more modern taste. If you’re unsure about an area, try filling it with a small piece of art like an accent photo or painting that matches what’s already in the space. This could help spark some ideas for other areas of your home.

Choose the Right Size

The most important thing to remember when choosing where to hang your favorite pieces of art is that wall art should be scaled according to the size of the wall. You can’t just go by how big the picture is as a piece may not look as good if it’s on a smaller wall.

Keep It Simple

The first rule to follow when hanging art is to keep it simple. When most people think of art, they think of painting or framed art prints on a wall. But there are many other types of pieces that can be hung as well. Think about any furniture you may have in your space, for example. Table lamps and vases can also be considered pieces of art if you’re using them in your space.

One way to keep it simple with your wall decorating is by sticking to one color palette per room. By keeping the colors consistent throughout the house, you’ll create a balanced look that will make your home feel more cohesive overall. You can also use one style across all of the rooms as well if you prefer to have a more traditional style in your home décor.

Another way to keep it easy is by following natural lines in the room. For example, if you have a fireplace in your living room, consider hanging frames on either side of the fireplace mantel rather than cluttering up the wall with pictures hung at random heights and angles.

Hang It Up!

Hanging art is actually hanging it up. This might sound silly, but it’s important to make sure the piece you’ve chosen will look good and be visible. One easy way to do this is by looking at a picture of the room with the art hung up. You can also use a small piece of cardstock to see how the picture will look on your walls and what you need to hang it from.

When deciding where on your walls to hang your favorite pieces, remember that artwork should be about eye level for most people. If you have high ceilings, place them higher on the wall. Conversely, if you have lower ceilings, put them lower on the wall or even just above head-level so they are easily seen without craning one’s neck too much.

You may also want to consider mounting your pictures over furniture or sofas so they don’t get scratched or damaged by foot traffic or furniture sliding across the floor. Hanging pictures over couches will allow them to catch some air circulation and keep away any dust buildup under them as well!


When it comes to hanging your art, it’s all about style. Start by choosing a spot that complements the look of your art, then get the size just right and keep it simple. With these three simple steps, you’ll be an expert in no time and your favorite pieces will be hanging proudly on the walls for everyone to see.

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